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Buttermilk Days festival set for Aug. 23-26


Not only are smoking and chocolate preventative in some medical conditions, but now coffee has been found to slow the memory loss of women. Those poor men, perhaps they will find a benefit to alcohol in moderation, that isn’t just helping the kidneys.

Boy, am I glad to hear that one, I don’t know about the rest of you mothers out there, but sometimes it seemed like every time I had a baby I lost a little more of my memory capacity. Maybe it’s because of all the stuff you learn new about a new kid. I would imagine eventually as new brain creases develop they uncrease one somewhere.

Okay, let’s get to the news.

The Whiskey City Cruisers have been seen throughout the town. If you are ever in the area you know these guys by their ’67 Chevelles or other “cammed out” muscle cars or the Model T’s and Hudsons with the flames painted on the sides and the antique car license plates. If you have a strong passion for classic cars the way that I do, it’s a wonderful and welcome sight.

They meet for the car shows the second Saturday of each month from April through the summer months.

The Buttermilk Days festival is August 23-26. For more information online, check out www.visitbardstown.com. Bluegrass Motor Speedway is also holding racing on the weekends.

The heat has been terrible the past couple of weeks. We’ve been under a heat advisory and a non-precipitation advisory, as well. The grass is all brown and crunchy again and even the few yards on the street that look like they’ve not seen a mower in several weeks are drying up in the sun.

Savannah Hicks celebrated her seventh birthday on August 6. Her mom, Judy “Lee”, has a birthday coming up August 15.

Bernard, Jerrica and Bradi went to the party after school and enjoyed games, hot dogs and cupcakes. John fell asleep after the bus brought him home from kindergarten so he missed the fun, but he still got a treat when the other kids came home.

I suppose that is all the news I have this week.

Blessings to everyone.

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