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Buyers, beware of scammers

Terry and Sandra Wilson with their two daughters, Candice Combs and Melissa Sexton

Terry and Sandra Wilson with their two daughters, Candice Combs and Melissa Sexton

Hey everybody, I’ve got a little hindsight for you all. Believe it or not, everybody on Marketplace is not honest. Our family found this out the hard way this past week. One hundred and fifty dollars worth of a lesson learned the hard way.

Mom’s 20+ years old washer tore up beyond what my husband thought was worth fixing. So, my sister Charlene took to Marketplace, where she has gotten lots of things with no problem, and she found this good deal. She messaged the seller, and he was soooo niiiice. He even volunteered to meet us or deliver the washer. He lives in Wise, Va. (according to his web page). So, my husband meets him at the top of Jenkins Mountain. He immediately writes him out a warranty, with a phone number on it, guarantees it for 90 days. My husband pays him with cash. By the way, the washer is wrapped in a blue tarp. He comes home to pick up Charlene’s husband Rick to help him unload and install it. He’s so tickled because this niiiiice man gave him a warranty and we got such a good deal.

Mr. Gerald Baker has turned 70 years old.

Mr. Gerald Baker has turned 70 years old.

Then when he comes home from Mom’s after trying to install it, he is so upset. The washer was even missing the lid closure switch. So, they start trying to call the number on the “warranty”. You guessed it, no such number. Charlene starts trying to message him on the same chat board where he was talking to her before. You guessed it again, no answers. I also start commenting on other things he has for sale, and again no reply. My sister Delores and I too report him to Marketplace, but he is probably been pulling this scam for many years and will just change his name and everything else. So, needless to say, scams aren’t just made on the phone to the elderly. Buyers beware!

We are so thankful to Terry Adams and the magistrates for all they are doing for the Blackjewel employees and their families. The whole county has been so supportive. All the local businesses that have donated their services or items to be sold for the 1st Annual Letcher County Gives event, your generosity is appreciated.

Pictured are Louise Shepherd, Oma Hatton, Kathleen Brock, Betty Brown, and Judy Greene.

Pictured are Louise Shepherd, Oma Hatton, Kathleen Brock, Betty Brown, and Judy Greene.

The countywide fundraiser that will be taking place at Riverside Park in Whitesburg on Saturday, July 27, from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. will be to benefit the employees and their families. Here are just some of the things I found on Facebook that are going to be going on. These were posted to the Letcher County Judge/ Executive page.

“If you are a Blackjewel miner who has been affected by the bankruptcy, you and your family will eat free at our fundraiser on July 27! Simply bring in a recent paycheck stub to show you are one of the workers affected by the shutdown and you and your family eat free! Special thanks to corporate sponsor ARH for helping to make this possible. We couldn’t have done this without them.

“We are so thrilled to be able to provide this and 100% of the sales from all dinners sold will go directly to the Blackjewel Miner Relief Fund! Thank you, Appalachian Regional Healthcare.

“So come out and join us on Saturday, July 27, from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Riverside Park in Whitesburg!

“Make plans to join us Saturday night, because you do not want to miss out on this silent auction! Auction item bidding will start at 6 p.m. and end promptly at 8 p.m. Winning bids will be announced on stage and bidders must be present to claim their items. Thank you to all of our area businesses who have donated so far! You’ll see items from Rustic Rooster, Las Penas, Prime 606, Dairy Queen, Appalachian Wireless, Williams Vision Center, Auto Zone, Advanced Auto, Maverick’s Tire Depot, A&K Contracting/Whitco Rentals, East Kentucky Physical Therapy, and many, many more! Keep checking back this week as more items are added.”

And yet another post with more information about the things going on that evening.

“Join us for the 1st Annual Letcher County Gives! This year’s fundraiser will benefit the families affected by the Blackjewel bankruptcy. The event will begin at 5 p.m. in Riverside Park in Whitesburg, just off the bypass beside of Whitesburg ARH. Join us for a fun night of music, cornhole tournaments, inflatables and face painting. The Shriners will be cooking up their famous BBQ and we’ll have Cornerstone Church fixing apple “dumplin’s.” Chris Caudill will be there with his local favorite gourmet popcorn and Kona Ice will be helping to cool us all down. We will have a silent auction beginning at 6 p.m., with winning bids announced at 8 p.m. We also have a vendor and craft sale with several local vendors on hand to sell anything and everything from clothing to jewelry, to crafts, to Colorstreet nails, to make up, and many, many more! It’s going to be a great night to benefit a great cause. Come out and join us!”

There will also be a “Glow 4 Coal” 5k run/walk, Friday Aug. 2 at 9 p.m. You can register for this at Riverside Park at the event on the 27th. This too will benefit the Blackjewel employees and their families.

Okay, now for a few birthdays. Mr. Gerald Baker, husband of Delilah Baker, turned SEVENTY YEARS OLD, the 17th of this month. And yes, I did that age mention thing on purpose. You can thank me later, Billie June Richardson. Sherry Stamper, one of my former LKLP co-workers, celebrated her birthday on the 15th.

A wedding anniversary I saw on Facebook and wanted to mention is that of two of my Whitesburg High School friends, on the 18th. Terry and Sandra Sexton Wilson started dating while we were in high school and that’s been quite a while back. Another anniversary was Roy and Cecilia Begley Swiney on the 21st. Cecilia is one of the women that was in the car wreck that took place on the Whitesburg bypass back in April.

Please be in prayer for Laney Webb. She has been having fluid removed from her lungs and from around her heart. This whole family is begging people to continue praying for them all and especially Laney.

Also, remember all our community that have lost loved ones recently. Our pastor, Bill Jones and all his family really need our prayers especially. It’s so hard to believe we lost three of Bill and Cindy Howard’s girls in one year. Oma’s death in August of 2017 seems like yesterday. Louise Howard Shepherd, Kathleen Howard Miles Brock, and Oma Howard Hatton will live on in our hearts. So, as Oma would say, remember to be in church Sunday.

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