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Buying propane takes a bite out of pocketbook

Southern Ohio

Hello, everyone! Are you staying warm as winter has finally arrived? I try to think spring and then I know summer will be here after that! It is around 0 degrees here by the river where I live.

I pulled a good one as I forgot to check my propane tank and it is getting rather low. So is my pocketbook. So what else is new?

I took the plunge and ordered propane. If I thought I was broke before I sure am now. To fill up the tank only cost almost $800! This isn’t a pay later deal or monthly payments, it is cash on delivery.

What am I complaining about? I have a home. I am not living on the street.

I have an old Sears furnace still in my basement. If the pipes were in good order I would be tempted to put some wood in it. Oops, I forgot. I gave all my wood away.

Several years ago I used wood and coal both. I was by myself then, as I struggled to push the wheelbarrow through my yard loaded with coal, I would just push a little harder and think of all the peace and quiet, no fussing no aggravation except to get my own wood and coal.

When I had to take the ashes out that sometimes would cause a whole lot of fussing and sometimes a lot of cussing. I would take the basement window out to sit the bucket of ashes on the outside so I wouldn’t have to carry the buckets up the steps and through the house.

At the time I had long hair. Sometimes the wind would shift and the ashes would blow right back in my face and my hair. Did I say cussing? That wouldn’t describe all I would say. Then I would feel calmness come over me once again, knowing I only had myself to contend with.

I had to ask my good friends, the Calihans, for help as someone gave me wood from a tree that had been cut down in their yard. Johnny Calihan and I made hay while the sun shined. Johnny hauled the huge pieces of the wood home for me. Johnny and I had our hands full as we loaded the wood in his pickup truck.

I have always been a very determined and stubborn person, and not afraid to do for myself.

Hattie Calihan Taylor, who is a sister to Johnny Calihan, had a book published called My Family Treasures. It is a beautiful book of poetry. One of her poems, ” A Mound On The Hillside”, was written for her brother, Doyle Calihan, who died several years ago.

A minister put music to Hattie’s words and recorded it. I tell you it is beautiful. If Hattie will allow me to do it, I would like to send Bobby Jo Pass a copy of the CD so it could get played.

I finally figured out how to get Bobby’s gospel radio show on Bounce radio, which is partly owned by none other than little Joe Burke of WMMT. Now if I can figure out how to use Internet Explorer as I am thinking about switching servers.

As I watch the news and so many people are homeless, I wonder what is wrong with the people in this world? I know some of these people can’t help themselves, yet there are several I know could find a job!

I do believe the government should check on people who are drawing SSI and welfare to see how prescription drugs are being used or sold for profit! If you don’t need them then you shouldn’t be able to get them. If you are caught selling your medicine, I believe your benefits should be cut off.

No! I won’t even check Speak your Piece next week! I am entitled to my own opinion.

My son, Keith Ballard, is working at a place called JTM Foods here in Harrison, Ohio. It is close to where he lives. This is the first inside job he has in years. I am glad he isn’t out in the cold, though he enjoys construction work.

I have prayed Keith would get a job with benefits. I am very pleased this is one prayer that has been answered!

Keith grew up calling me Rose instead of Mom. When I do a little too much mothering, he sarcastically calls me Mom. I don’t pay any attention to it, however his sister, Angie, said, “I have never heard you call her Mom.” When Keith was little, it was cute. As years went by I just grew used to him referring to me as Rose.

I received a very nice phone call from Bob Akemon, a good old hillbilly-boy “man,” who grew up on Big Branch close to Roxana.

Once again I have sparked interest with my inquires about the Cliff House Tavern close to Cumberland. Bob remembers it being there. Several remembers the Cliff House Tavern as being a bad place. Bob was in there once when he was very young; once was enough for him.

I received an email from another mountain girl, Daisy Manning of Lebanon, Mo. Daisy is enjoying The Mountain Eagle online. She is the daughter of Eveda Calton and granddaughter of Myrtle Calton Cornett and Denver Cornett Calton. Daisy’s uncle, Gail Ingram, lives in the old homeplace, up the lane there from Dock Cornett’s place, the old house that was in the movie “Fire Down Below”.

Daisy has an aunt, Emma Jean Halcomb, who lives on Linefork, the widow of Dudley Halcomb. Her aunt, Josie Pendleton, lives in Missouri also.

Josie has been an email buddy of mine for a long time. She never fails to tell me how much she enjoys my column.

I want to try to correct a mistake I made last week in my column. Sandra Cornett, Sanky as she was called, is not the daughter of Lloyd and Nora Day. She is the daughter of Harold and Mattie Lou Day Stamper. Mattie Lou is the daughter of George Day. Sanky and her husband had been married 41 years.

I really do apologize for the mix-up. Not only that, I made a mistake by deleting something I had written. Those of you who fool with a computer know how easy that trick is. I really try to check what I have written before I send my column; that was written about 5 a.m.

I haven’t heard from Clarence and Arlyn Halcomb. I hope they are doing alright in this nice warm weather we are having at the present time.

Gwen Huff Farmer still isn’t over her bout with the miseries she came home with after her visit with her family at Christmas time. I always enjoy talking to Gwen by phone or computer. Gwen sent me a picture of her Christmas cactus; it is beautiful.

Shirley Wells enjoyed a nice evening out with her son, Buddy Wells. I do hope I get to visit Shirley and Gwen both this summer.

Ike Adams, I wish you lived close and could help me figure out this computer. I will say one thing, Ike was very right as it makes a world of difference in the speed of connection. Now I can be on the computer, listen to WMMT and talk on the phone too.

My little grandson. Bennie. and really enjoyed WMMT Thursday evening. He would clap his hands and say yeah!

I finally got my Christmas tree down and everything put

DIRECTV away. I am thinking about putting a strand of clear lights up somewhere in my living room just for the brightness.

I left out a Christmas cottage, a cabin. I will put it away before long. Right now I need the soothing comfort it brings me.

Doyle and Betty Ison are doing well, except Betty has picked up a cold. I am so thankful I live in an area where so many people from the mountains of eastern Kentucky live.

Monie Cornett is improving from her accident. This young girl is lucky to be alive. Monie’s young son got to visit her in the hospital.

Hello to the Jones boys, Levine and Bruce Jones. Guys, try to stay warm.

Well, gang, I have to get these feet moving before that watchful clock starts looking my way. Life may not always be the party we hoped for, but while we are here we might as well dance.

Until next time. Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, email: Bluegrassmama4@aol.com, phone 513-367-4682.

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