Whitesburg KY

Cabin is a place to get away from it all

We have access to a cabin at Lake Cumberland about 30 miles outside Somerset. It belongs to some friends of ours and I guess you could say we are the caretakers. And believe me, we take care of it as often as we can, which is not near as often as we would like. My health and other circumstances, especially the fuel prices, prevent us from going as often as we would like, but we go every time the opportunity presents itself.

Going down to the cabin is like going to a different world. Although we do have electricity, there is no TV, no telephone with telemarketers on the other end, no noisy traffic, and no radio. We do have a radio but only turn it on to get the weather report. We have had to do quite a bit of repair work on the cabin to repair the damage done by vandals, but we are grateful just to have a little place to get away from everyday stress.

I love to just drive around and admire a little of the Lord’s creations, such as the beautiful wildflowers. There are some of the most beautiful trees that I have ever seen. Near the cabin stands the largest hickory tree I ever laid eyes on.

We do take our grandbabies fishing once in awhile, but we go mostly to just relax. Our grandbabies love it down there, too, because they have plenty of room to play. They can be as noisy as they like without disturbing anyone. Some time back, one of my sons was getting ready to take his exam for his mine electrician papers. He needed a quiet place to study, so the two of us went to the cabin. He caught the flu just before we left. He started taking every medication he could buy across the counter that he figured might make him feel better so he could study. While there, I drove him out to the Dollar Store, which is about 20 miles away, so as to get some more cold and flu medicine. We drove out to the lake to see how many campers we had, then went back to the cabin.

My son sat down on one of the two couches we have and kicked off his shoes. He was snoring in three minutes flat, sitting upright. A state trooper stopped by and I invited him in. He was looking for a fellow of questionable character who had a cabin not far from ours. I told him I hadn’t seen him as we had only arrived the night before, but that the traffic had increased quite a bit.

While we were talking, my son perked up a little and opened his eyes. When he saw the trooper talking to me, he promptly closed his eyes and cautiously opened them again like Ernest T. Bass on the “Andy Griffith Show”, but the trooper didn’t vanish. He was still there.

I had told him of my son’s dilemma. He was somewhat sympathetic but didn’t want to get any closer to him either. After the trooper left, my son went into the bedroom with his tape recorder to record more of the material he needed to study while I prepared our supper.

Things turned out pretty good, though. My son passed his exam despite the obstacles, and the fellow the trooper was looking for hasn’t been seen in over a year. So now the traffic flow is back to normal, about four or five vehicles a day.

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