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Cable dispute leads to charges

A dispute over a cable television hookup that dates back to 2014 has led to the arrest of a Letcher County man.

Emmitt McElroy, 32, of Hallie, was arrested August 16 and charged with the felony offense of theft of services and a misdemeanor charge of terroristic threatening. The arrest comes about 20 months after McElroy allegedly threatened to shoot TV cable company employee Vernon Engle after Engle discovered that McElroy had illegally connected a television cable to a neighbor’s home.

Engle, of Hazard, charges in an arrest warrant that McElroy, a bus driver, committed the crime of terroristic threatening when he “came out with a .410 gauge single-shot shotgun and threatened to shoot (Engle) while he was uncovering a stolen television cable connection in the course of his employment.”

The warrant says McElroy committed theft of services “when he connected his TV service directly to his neighbor’s connection without paying for the services.”

The warrant for McElroy’s arrest was originally obtained by Engle on December 30, 2014 after it was authorized by Letcher District Judge Kevin Mullins. A deputy sheriff served the warrant on August 16.

McElroy is scheduled to make his initial appearance in Letcher District Court to answer the charges on October 5 at 11 a.m.

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