Whitesburg KY

Cable guy shows up

To the Editor:

TVS cable update: After 29 days I finally got a cable hookup into the house. The cable guy did work on it Friday for part of the day. So at least TVS did finally get that far, or I should say the cable guy himself.

That would be the good news. The bad news is that the main server was down part of the day Friday and I could not log on because the system was down that serves TVS. I think this may have been the first time it has happened to them as far as I know. Since I could not program the software in to check it, there was no way to see if it is going to work, or what the technical problem is.

This is all fitting as to my fortunate luck so far at getting cable Internet.

So at this time on Sunday night, I still have no cable, 31 days later. Maybe they will try again tomorrow or sometime this week. I will be sure to advise as to their quality after the hook-up, if it ever becomes reality. This would be if I do not die of depression and posttraumatic stress syndrome first. Hold my e-mail until another day.

Still waiting, but somewhat closer.


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