Whitesburg KY

California authorities drive fugitive back west

A convicted sex offender who was arrested in Whitesburg in January has been extradited to California, where he is wanted on two felony charges.

Custody of Larry Daniel Humphrey, 50, of Fresno, Calif., was transferred from the Letcher County Jail and Letcher County Sheriff ’s Department to the Fresno County Sheriff ’s Department on February 28. Fresno County Sheriff ’s Deputy John Ciacio and Det. Richard Byrd flew into Tri-Cities Regional Airport in Blountville, Tenn., and rented a Crown Victoria to drive to Whitesburg. Humphrey was driven in the car back to the Golden State.

Humphrey had been held without bond in the Letcher County Jail since January 25. He is wanted in California for failing to maintain his yearly registration as a sex offender and for failing to notify authorities he was leaving the state.

Humphrey was arrested in the Whitesburg Shopping Plaza at Ermine on the afternoon of January 25 after staff members at the Reflections salon alerted authorities to what they considered to be suspicious behavior.

Officials were notified after Humphrey walked into Reflections seeking a haircut for himself and a nine-year-old boy who was wearing a girl’s coat with pink stars on it, outgrown Spider-Man pajamas, pink socks and girl’s shoes.

Letcher County Sheriff ’s Deputy Bert Slone said Humphrey’s wife, Michelle, and three other children were washing clothes at a coin-operated laundry while Humphrey and the boy were getting their hair cut. They had been staying at the Super 8 Motel in West Whitesburg. The four children were placed into the custody of social services.

According to a website concerning sex offenders that is sponsored by the state of California — www.meganslaw.ca.gov — Humphrey was convicted for violating Section 261 (a)(2) of the California Penal Code. According to the site, Humphrey committed an act of sexual intercourse with a person not his spouse against her will by means of force, violence, duress, menace, or fear of immediate and unlawful bodily injury on the person.

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