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Calihans mark 68th anniversary

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Hello again everyone!

I feel as I should be writing happy autumn as it surely is coming too soon to suit me.

I can never decide if spring or fall is my favorite season. Autumn has such an array of golden colors mixed in with so many hues of red that an artist can never catch all the greatest of beauty that your mere eyes can capture by just gazing at God’s coloring book! Spring is such a beautiful work of art as everything comes to life after the cold winter months.

How in the world anyone can have a shred of doubt, when it is pertaining of God?

Time is running away so fast that it seems that it is just a day gone, and it is time to start thinking of something to write again.

I was walking from my driveway into my house; you could hear the crickets and all the night sounds all around. I lingered for just a little while to listen. I have been very fortunate to be able to live out of town most of the 53 years that I have been away from the mountains.

I lived four years on a side street in Harrison with neighbors on both sides and across the street. I was still lucky as we had an extra lot plus a huge yard for our children, also space for a garden.

I know people who buy a house, live it in a few years then sell. This was the first and only house we ever owned. When I think of selling it is very difficult after being here 41 years although my brain has been returning to that same train of thoughts more and more lately.

I received a small package from Susie in Mesa, Ariz., saying she was still trying to recover from her son’s wedding, which was almost two years ago. Susie has been so gracious to invite me several times to come to Arizona. I doubt if that will ever come to pass as I have never been in a plane and don’t intend to, at least not anyway soon.

Susie is trying to entice me to come to Arizona to live since she knows I don’t like cold weather. I don’t think I would like108 degrees either.

Susie was a cousin to my dear friend Gwen Huff Farmer. Susie’s mother, Ethel Franklin, taught school at Kingdom Come High School, and taught Gwen.

August 16 would have been Gwen’s birthday. I miss her very much along with Shirley Wells, Bev Adams and my immediate family.

Bluegrass music lost a very good man and musician, Harold Staggs of Friends of Bluegrass. Harold will be missed by friends and family. He was a very good fiddle player, and singer.

I ventured to Fairborn, Ohio, to see Sammy Adkins and The Sandy Hook Boys. Sammy is such a good singer, entertainer, and musician all rolled into one. Sammy played for Ralph Stanley for some time. I had never met Sammy until a few years ago at Richwood Opry.

Norma Ashcraft has known Sammy for many years. I wouldn’t even start to try to write all the musicians that Norma has met in her life time, from Bill Monroe, Ralph Stanley to the local ones in her area, who have been guests in her home.

I haven’t danced very much in the past few months. I really think I tried to make up for it Saturday night.

Mina Anderson, Bonnie Sparks and Patty Miller are really good dancers and put me to shame as my steps have gotten slower along with health issues and too much weight. That is alright as my favorite dance partner Howard Moore is slowing down too. Dancing is going to get the best of Howard and me yet.

You must not forget Howard is only 90 years young. Even Norma Ashcraft and a couple of others joined in on the fun.

It seems that I have been neglecting a couple of young fellars in the mountains, James and John Ison, in my column lately. If it is possible when I am back there, I want to meet these two special lads. James has been involved with the fire department, and both boys have been helping their parents this summer. Les and at Wagner will be heading their way. I know they will take John his favorite drink, Diet Coke.

I hope I will be seeing Les and Pat along with Larry and Becky before long.

Congratulations to Polly Hasty on her accomplishment of becoming an R.N.

Happy anniversary to Johnny and Ann Calihan. I believe this makes about 68 years for them. After Ann’s fall Johnny was helping Ann walk. They were sort of holding on to each other, and someone made a comment how much they love each other. Ann told me what they didn’t know, they were leaning on each other to keep from falling.

Doyle and Betty Ison decided o take a trip to a bridal shop as Betty needs a special dress for their grandson’s upcoming wedding in October.

Before I finish these next words, please do no have a drink in your mouth. When Doyle and Betty entered the store, Doyle was assisting Betty as sometimes her knees bother her from knee replacements. I guess the young employees thought Doyle and Betty were there to pick out a bridal gown for Betty.

If there’s a mistake in this writing, it’s because I am still laughing as Betty told of this incident.

Betty said it was evident by the girl’s face that she thought it was for her. Finally Betty told her she needed a dress for her grandson’s wedding, after she let them enjoy the thought it was for her.

I am looking forward to meeting a gentle giant named Richard Caudill when I am back in the mountains. Richard loves square dancing, and you know I do, when I found out he is over six feet tall and there’s no secret I am under five feet, I said Richard would lose me in a square dance set.

I don’t make it a habit of being friends with someone I don’t know on this thing called Facebook, unless they are friends of someone I know. I am not that stupid, plus I may be divorced but I am not desperate.

Richard is a cousin to at least a dozen people I know, that is the most hardworking man plus being such a beautiful writer. It is such a joy to read his writings, and oh the pictures he has posted.

Congratulations to Jack Bryant, who is formerly from Johnson Fork at Hot Spot, on his wedding this past weekend. I thought sure he and his nephew, my favorite mandolin player Gary Eldridge, would make it a double wedding.

Jack and Jeff Adams, I am sorry I haven’t been in touch with you. I miss Bev very much.

Well folks, that old clock has once again caught up with me.

Until next time.

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