Whitesburg KY

Calls on miners to support bill

Letter to the editor

To the Editor:

This letter is to all miners who wish to sign up for black lung benefits, present and future.

Angie Hatton has filed a bill that amends a bill filed last year. This bill will give miners their rights back to go to any radiologist of choice. As of now you must go to a B-Reader, a board certified pulmonary specialist, for an x-ray for black lung.

Let’s change that law, and get the miners their rights back to choose where they can go for an x-ray. This bill gives you your rights back. It is House Bill 75. Please call Russell Webber, Chair, and ask him to bring House Bill 75 up for committee vote. This is your chance to get your rights back. Call the legislative message line at 1-800-372-7181.

Widow of a miner

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