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Calvary campus owners making mistake by forcing Revelation Ranch to leave

I have some questions about Calvary Campus, as do many other people in the Letcher area.

Since the old Stuart Robinson School and later Calvary College were closed years ago there had been little activity on the campus before Ricardo and Peri Pardo came to the campus with their Revelation Ranch in October 2010.

Within a few months people in our community noticed a major difference. We started seeing movement on the campus again with horses, children, parents, grandparents, laughter, noise, and a drama team that is totally awesome.

After the arrival of the Pardos, there were lots of people on the campus all the time. The Pardos built barns and riding tracks for the horses used in their equine ministry and children were riding that had never seen a horse before. The Pardos were building a Christian based program for children that Letcher County had never had before. It not only helped the children, but the parents as well, and it was a success.

And the Stricklands came on the scene, and even more good things began to happen. These people had some wonderful ideas for the children’s program that I do believe would have been good for all of Letcher County.

We don’t know what happened, but the people at Calvary could not see the need for a Christian-based program for the children of our community. The Pardos were asked without being given a reason to leave the campus and given one month to vacate the premises with six children and 18 horses.

We, the community, would like to know why. Who owns Calvary Campus. Who are the members of their Board of Directors? What corporation, if any, is involved? Is it tax exempt? How are they funded, and by whom?

Before the Revelation Ranch started at the Calvary Campus, there was no community activity, no noise, no one moving about on campus, and most of the time the gate to the campus was closed, leading people to believe the owners didn’t want anyone on the campus.

I know people come to the campus from many states for retreats, but it is obvious they come to Calvary to work and to rebuild only, because you never see them out in the community. What do they intend to do with the campus when all the old buildings are restored? It takes a fortune in money from somewhere for the repair and restoration of the campus and I hear the old gym has new flooring and looks beautiful, but it had to cost someone a fortune.

What we as a community want to know is what is the campus is going to be used for when all the restoration is complete. Anyone can look at the property and know it will be, and is, worth a fortune. It is a beautiful campus, but it could be used by a cult for all the local people know about it.

So the Pardos and Stricklands are leaving the Calvary Campus. By the grace of God and some good people, they have been provided a way to continue their youth ministry, and I do believe it will be better than ever. God’s love is being shown by these people. They left their home and family members behind to come here, not to judge what we are do, but to help us make a difference in our children’s life.

So Revelation Ranch is alive and well, and will be just fine and in time better than ever. As far as Calvary Campus, it’s like the man said, “ You might as well turn it into a cemetery,” because without the love of your neighbors, children, laughter and love of your fellow Christians, it is dead already.

I ask all Stuart Robinson alumni, of which I am one, to stop making any donations to Calvary Campus until you know where and what your money is being used for. DORIS ADAMS Blackey

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