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Campbell family from Marlowe is remembered

RUBY NELL BROWN is now a nurse at St. Joseph Hospital in Lexington.

RUBY NELL BROWN is now a nurse at St. Joseph Hospital in Lexington.

Hello everyone. I hope you are all doing well. Last week was a very interesting week for me. It was a good week.

I had some visitors from Ohio. They were wanting to find out about some people from Marlowe, so they came to me — wonder why?

I remembered the lady’s grandmother, Jane Campbell, who ran a boarding house in the early ‘40s, and her children, Cress Campbell, who was killed in Marlowe Mines, and a son, Kyle Campbell, who lived at Belcraft, and a daughter, Alma, who was married to Andrew Clay, who ran the service station in Marlowe with their four daughters, Betty Jane, Monte Jean and the twins, Janice and Judy.

I enjoyed their visit. They were going to The Mountain
to get a subscription. I hope they will enjoy it.

Late happy birthday wishes to Mable Jo Buttrey and Brad Bentley.

We offer our sympathy to the family of Gary Short of Cram Creek, and also to the family of J.C. Tyree. His funeral was on Friday. Bro. Larry Caudill did the preaching, and my brother, Bobby Ray Howard, did the singing. Of course it was beautiful.

PICTURED IN 1952 are Dorthy Tackett and her double first cousin Lona Pennington.

PICTURED IN 1952 are Dorthy Tackett and her double first cousin Lona Pennington.

The Whitesburg Holiness Church, where Bro. Larry Caudill is pastor, will be having its church dedication Sept. 21–24. The church is beautiful. The pastor and the whole congregation invite everyone to attend.

The Calvary Temple Church at Belcraft is having a bake sale Monday though Wednesday with pumpkin rolls, gingerbread, candy and lots more. It’s always good, so go out and get some. The pastor, Bro. Conard Profitt, and all the folks will appreciate it.

The Howard reunion will be held Oct. 16. I told Hubert Howard it wasn’t a birthday party for him, so don’t bring him a gift even if it is his birthday. He has had a lot of them already.

Cram Creek Pentecostal Church will be having a homecoming beginning on Oct. 17 with Bro. Caleb Howard and Bro. Glen Wilson doing the preaching.

I got a call from Irene Adams Amburgey. She had seen one of our old Marlowe girls, Nancy Ruth Taulbee, daughter of the late Lucy and John Taulbee. She may be the last of the family. I know that Imogene, Vermell, Voris and Tommy and Johnny are all deceased.

I also got a call from Shirley Wells at Clarksville, Tenn. She wanted to know if the late Raymond Mc- Cool was the son of Frieda Sumpter McCool, and he was. She said they were her kinfolk on her father’s side. I think she is going to try to come in for our Mountain Heritage, which starts on Sept. 27.

I’ve been trying to reach my friend, Anna Osborn in Virgie, and can’t reach her. I’ve been thinking about her. Give me a call, Anna, (606) 633-7120.

Ermine Center had a potluck and a tacky party last Friday. There were a lot of tacky people there, and lots of good food. I think they were going to play Dirty Bingo. That means you may not get to keep your gift; they pass them on. I didn’t get to see who won the tacky party prize, I left and went to H.C. Tyree’s funeral. I saw a lot of friends there.

There were some new folks there, Freddie Bentley and his wife Grace. They seemed to enjoy themselves and talked with everyone. He has a brother and his wife there, and don’t you know that I don’t know their names? I don’t think I’ve ever asked. They come often so I’ll have to find out their names so I’ll know what to call them.

We had some good music there. Stacy Dollarhide brought the children from Cowan Community Center, and they were really good. We really enjoyed them.

Our church, Whitco Pentecostal Church, will be starting a revival Sept. 27 with Bro. Daniel Miller of Ohio as our evangelist. We are looking forward to it. It’s been many years since he has been here. He’s an old friend. Our pastor, Bro. John Conn, and all of our congregation, invite everyone to come. I’m sure you will enjoy his preaching and his singing.

Larry and Linda are at their camper in Tennessee. They love going there. This is Linda’s vacation from Walmart. She needs to enjoy herself as she works hard even on her off days. I know that she misses her grandchildren.

I talked to Roberta Willie recently. She was doing well, and is going to send me some of her old Marlowe pictures.

I still haven’t heard from Anna Watkins. No one answers her phone. I’m real concerned about her, as I had heard she was very sick. I hope that she is doing better.

We are looking forward to our Howard family reunion and our church revival, and to Mountain Heritage. There is a lot going on.

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere this week.

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