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Campbells, Wennings visit Maryland

Hello everyone, I hope everyone has had a good June so far. It has started off busy, which is fun.

My brother and sister-inlaw, John and Faye Campbell, had a trip planned to Maryland and Mike and I decided to go with them. It was a quick trip but a lot of fun.

Before we left, Faye and I had manicures and pedicures at Jenny Lea Academy. It was enjoyable just having some time to relax.

We rented a Chevy Tahoe for the trip. There was so much room for us and our stuff. We took our time driving there and enjoyed ourselves.

Our aunt and uncle, Janice and Ron Wolod, live on Kent Island, Md. It was so good seeing them. I hadn’t seen them in a year. My brother’s son, Michael, was there also along with John’s daughter, Janis, and Mike Marr and their children, Anna, Myles, Addison, and Tucker. Myles celebrated his 12th birthday while we were there.

Before we drove across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge to go to Kent Island, we stopped at a Chili’s restaurant as Michael thought one of our cousins worked there. I ended up going in first and while the table was being set up for us, I looked around and I saw our cousin Carrie Wolod. I waited until she turned around and I said “Carrie”. She looked and then the recognition showed on her face. That was the best hug ever. Carrie and I hadn’t seen each other in about 11 years. Yes, I had moist eyes from that hug. Hugs were given all around.

Later that day we went to Kent Island to Aunt Janice and Uncle Ron’s house. They fixed dinner for all us. There were a lot of us there: John, Faye, Michael, Janis, Mike, Anna, Myles, Addison, Tucker, Mike and I, along with Carrie and Eric Lehman. Two of Michael’s friends from grad school also came over. They had gone to school at the University of Kentucky together and Michael’s friends now work in Washington, D.C.

The younger ones spent time on the beach and swimming in Chesapeake Bay. It was a good time. Mike, John, Faye and I spent the night there. The next morning the four us and Janice and Ron went into Annapolis and had breakfast. Afterwards John, Faye, Mike and I drove around Annapolis and then walked around. We sat at the dock and looked at yachts. It was nice spending some time there. We were right by the U.S. Naval Academy.

A big thanks to Aunt Janice and Uncle Ron for their hospitality.

On the way home, we traveled half of the Skyline Drive through the Shenandoah National Forest. It is a beautiful drive. We made a lot of stops to look at the mountains and valleys. The only animal I saw was a deer. The deer did stop so I could take a photo. As we were driving, the fog was coming in and it was so neat to watch the fog blow across the road. At times we could look down on the valleys and see the fog below us. This was one of the most beautiful drives I’ve been on.

We had a wonderful trip and I’m glad we went with John and Faye.

On Saturday night Mike and I went to Summit City to listen to the band Home Grown Head. My cousin, Tyler Stamper, is a member of this band. Tyler is the son of Joe Stamper of Lexington and the grandson of Susan and Waldo Stamper of Lexington. The band was fantastic. Several relatives were at Summit City that evening: Joe Stamper, Alyssa Stamper, Neil Stamper, Steven Stamper, Kae Fisher, Dillon Fisher, Mike and I. Members of the band are: Drew Carcome, Tyler Stamper, Evan Strippelhoff, and Will Philips. The band will be back in the area in July.

My daughter- in- law, Becky Wenning, has not been feeling well. She had to make a trip to the emergency room. I hope she’s feeling better.

Janet Napier and Juanita Caudill were taking a walk one morning and saw a big bear by Janet’s house. It was the biggest one they have seen this year and it was called ‘scary’. They posted a picture on Facebook of this bear. Janet said the bear has been seen around other houses in the neighborhood. There is a smaller bear that has been hanging out in this area also. Something, and it’s probably a bear, has been eating the Napiers’ cornstalks.

Something ate some of our strawberries while we were gone. I know we have a rabbit or two around here.

The social media quote of the week is: People whose first instinct is to smile when you make eye contact with them are some of earth’s greatest treasures.

If you have any news, please email me at COWANNEWS@aol.com. Have a wonderful and fun week.

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