Whitesburg KY

Cancer not the end time

To the Editor:

In November 2013, my body gave me warning. Always in my prayer to Christ Jesus. My doctor, William Collins, M.D. at Whitesburg, helped save my life with his professional talent. He ordered bloodwork.

Early detection through bloodwork; he is a hero. The test came back showing cancer. All men and women need to go to their doctor and get checked for early cancer testing.

Dr. Collins referred me to UK to a surgeon, Dr. Steven E. Strup. With my prayer of believing and faith, and “doubt not,” the cancer was removed and now I’m cancer free.

Because of early testing by Dr. Collins and a great team of UK doctors at the Kentucky Clinic of Lexington, Dr. Strup, Dr. Janna Neltner, and Dr. John McLarney, I am now a cancer survivor.

Get early screening. It is not the end; just be wise.

Find truth in God, keep your faith and believe in God for your healing and you can be cancer-free.

To these doctors, God gave a great gift, but Jesus Christ has the first and last word of healing.

Keep your faith, and if you live in eastern Kentucky, get yourself a doctor like William Collins, M.D., for a cancer screening test.

I give God all the credit.


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