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Mostly sunny

Cane Branch coal mines

After my time in the Air Force was over, I was so homesick I headed back home to Cane Branch.

The only job I could find was in a small coal mine near my home. My dad ran the mine with three miners.

Dad gave me a lamp to wear in the mine. I had a small working area to fill my coal car and take it outside to dump.

Something blew my lamp out, and I could not get it lit again. I never in my life was in such a dark area. I wet my pants.

When I did get out, I went home and put my uniform on, got a ride to the small airfield in Pound, Virginia, and talked a friend of mine into flying me to Langley Field, Virginia. I paid him well.

My boss was so glad to see me. I was flying the next day.

(Contributing writer Everett Vanover lives in California.)

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