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Partly sunny

Cane Branch Hollow, a nice place to live

I lived in Cane Branch until after my freshman year in Jenkins High School and I enlisted in the Army Air Corps at the end of World War II.

Our house was near the Conley Greer family place. I think they had seven children in their family. Bobby Greer was my classmate at Burdine School, and we always walked the two miles to school together.

Sometimes on weekends, Bobby and I would ride our horses to Beefhide to visit his cousins. We would ride down Cane Branch, up Joe’s Branch and over the mountains to Beefhide, a long way.

We played basketball with his cousin, who was a very good player and was named State Player of the Year.

I knew Oakie and Goff Greer, they had a great athletic career in Letcher County in all sports. They were also good boxers. They boxed on the hill behind the old depot in Jenkins many times.

My friends and I would climb over the fence and sneak and watch the boxing matches when we were young teenagers. I never had a pair of boxing gloves on in my life, and I made the mistake of putting them on and sparring with Boggy Greer once. He beat my butt.

When the war was over in Korea and I was assigned to Parks Air Base in California, Bobby’s younger brother, Tommy, was home on leave from the Army and wanted to ride with me and my family to California, where he would take a ship to his next assignment overseas.

He ran out of money about halfway, and I bought his food and paid for his motels the rest of the way. That young man could eat.

Conley Greer’s daughter, Reba, would sometimes ask me to walk out of the hollow with her after dark. She knew I knew where to step on which rock to keep from getting our shoes wet as the creek ran down the middle of the dirt road most of the way.

The Greers were outstanding people. They later built a nice, large house across the highway from Camden. Oakie Greer was my hero.

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