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Can’t force right of way

To the Editor:

I would like to warn everyone about a scam and terroristic threat being used on the people of this area. The gas company is telling people they can condemn their land and force right of way across them. In most cases this is a lie. Only a public utility can force right of way. A private company putting in a private transmission line can’t. If you decided to sell out to them, think first.

1. Your property will be worthless. You can’t build on it, put a septic system, water line or underground power line on it.

2. The adjacent property will be unfit to live on because of the extreme danger of the line.

3. Since 1990 there have been 2,200 catastrophic pipeline failures killing 225 innocent people and injuring hundreds more and causing $700 million in property damage.

4. Your precious energy is being stolen from you and pipe to Pittsburgh, Penn., and you only see 2 1/4 cents for it in tax and compensation. No one in Frankfort would even tell me how their tangible taxes are paid. Randy Hall isn’t allowed to handle it, so the thieves at Frankfort are helping them steal our taxes.

5. These are the same friendly people who brought you $4 a gallon gas.

6. The last county judge at least tried to keep them from running roughshod over the people, but this one seems to be very friendly with the gas companies, so you’ll get no help there.

7. Perhaps Judge Wood or Judge Wright may see things differently.

8. An eight-inch line at 900 p.s.i. such as these people are installing will fill a valley with enough gas to cause a fireball the size of Whitesburg in only 12 minutes. The pipes usually burst in the valleys where water settles in the pipe causing corrosion. Then the gas fills up these narrow hollows till it hits the nearest spark or flame, then sudden death and destruction.

9. I know the gas companies will hire an “expert” to call me a liar. I’m used to that. Several politicians have called me a liar in this paper in the past. Some of them may still be in jail or wearing ankle bracelets. Maybe their expert can explain:

• March 4, Nathicioches, La. Gas line explodes from stress cracks killing 17 people.

• Dec. 5, Yutan, Neb. Ruptured line kills five repairmen.

• Dec. 9. Phillips Petroleum pipeline explodes in Franklin County, Missouri with the force of seven tons of TNT.

• June 20, Buttler, Ala. High pressure line ruptures killing four people.

• Feb. 22, Denvers, Tex. Four people killed in a vapor fireball when a line was accidentally overpressured.

• Aug. 2, Romulus, Mich. Overpressure bursts pipe injuring nine in a massive fireball.

• June 20, Ruff Creek, Penn. Corrosion causes fireball and property damage.

• Aug. 4, Donnelson, Iowa. Three killed in pipeline fire. Caused cited as overpressure beyond physical limits of pipe.

• June 10, Billingham, Wash. Gas line explodes killing two children and an 18 year old.

• Aug. 19, Carlesband, N.M. A gas line explodes due to several internal corrosion. The massive fireball incinerated 12 young campers spread over a large area of desert.

• Nov. 1, Melvin, Ala. Two die, five injured in fiery death from natural gas line.

The list goes on and on, but don’t believe me. Look on the Internet.

After putting these people off my property at gunpoint, they have evidently decided to put it six feet from the property line and just under my neighbor’s bedroom window. He has two sons, 4 and 2 years old. I’m not around here enough to worry about it, but I have really great neighbors and I worry about them.

These lines should run along the mountain ridges and only cross valleys in unpopulated areas. Perhaps thicker pipes in the valleys is the answer, perhaps more reasonable pressures or better maintenance is. Some “expert” that makes a lot more money than me makes those decisions. He earns it, being a murderer. I wonder how well people like that sleep nights.

I have talked to a lot of people and we intend to seek a restraining order to protect us from the grave danger presented by these negligent, greedy, and corrupt people of Equitable Resources and others.

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