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Car collides with bear


Just a few items this week. I’m always writing in a rush.

Glad that Ronnie and Joyce Ball’s daughter Christy wasn’t seriously hurt when her car collided with a bear. It was in front of the former Dorse and Gwen Fields’s store building. My understanding was the bear managed to run off, but her car was torn up pretty bad.

It could have been the bear that people had seen earlier last week, and the one that had gotten into trash bins on Perkins Branch.

We stayed busy last Friday, Saturday and Sunday with the Indian Bottom Churches Association meetings, held at Sassafras in Knott County. A large crowd attended church services, the business meetings and then stayed for dinner Friday and Saturday.

I think the Blair Branch Church and co- hosting churches are to be commended for all the cleaning, cooking, and making sure everything was ready for the large crowd.

Most of our church members supported the Association by being there all three days, not only to work but to show our love for the Indian Bottom Association.

It’s always good to see brothers and sisters from so many different churches near and far, and we also thank the members of the other churches who helped make sure everyone found parking and got served dinner .

Geraldine Ison got a good checkup at her recent doctor’s appointment in Lexington, and we’re glad for her.

Hazel Bowling and family of Doty Creek have had Hazel’s daughter and her family in from New York for a visit recently. Mark said they enjoyed seeing them.

Lyndci and Sadie Williams were here for a few days visiting Bonita and Jerry Adams and other family. Liberty and Noah Campbell followed them back down to Morehead and spent the weekend there. Noah and Sadie enjoyed their time together.

Janie Caudill, Cornie Adams and others have been quilting a quilt to sell chances on at their upcoming Adams reunion. They do this every year to raise money for the cost of the reunion.

Sorry to learn that Clarence Caudill had a brother, Jay, die recently. I think Jay and his wife Opal lived in Ohio. His wife is a sister to Coman and Lonzo Caudill. Our sympathy to the whole family during this sad time.

Get well wishes to Logan Caudill, who broke four of his toes recently and is wearing a walking boot. He had to miss about a week of school, but that gave him a chance to listen to his new baby sister, Londyn, cry. Of course, Layla didn’t think it was fair for those two to be home, and she had to go to Head Start.

All I have to say is that Ben and Jacquie probably never see a dull moment.

Also sorry to read in last week’s Eagle that correspondent Emma Lou Engle had died. She was a friend of Joyce Adams, I think from their Stuart Robinson School years.

I enjoyed chatting with Stella Elam one day last week. She is enjoying the Oral History Club meetings at Blackey, as are many others from the lower end of Letcher County.

The Jeff and Hattie Ison descendants had their annual reunion recently. I believe that is in the Carlisle area.

Louetta Dixon and Imogene Caudill were on the prayer list at Blackey’s Mount Olivet Church this past Saturday evening, as were other loved ones.

We missed their member, Danny Holliman of Irvine, during the Association weekend, and hope he is feeling better.

That’s it for now. Have a good week.

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