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Easter egg surprise in the tailpipe won't damage car

Dear Tom and Ray:

During our Easter egg hunt this year, I tried hiding an egg in the tailpipe of my dad’s car. We are not sure if it is blocking the pipe or if it went all the way in. We can’t see it anymore. Should I tell my Dad about this, or will the car be OK? – Isabel

RAY: Wait 15 years or so, until you’re home from medical school, Isabel. He’ll be able to laugh about it by then.

TOM: Actually, there’s nothing to worry about, Isabel. The car will be absolutely fine.

RAY: Had you used jumbo eggs, maybe the egg would have been big enough to plug up the tailpipe. In that case, the car wouldn’t have started. Then, the next morning while he was waiting for the tow truck, you would have had to walk to the back of the car and say: “Hey, Dad! I found the last egg!”

TOM: But since the car started up, the tailpipe was not blocked, and no harm was done. One of two things happened. Either the pressure from the exhaust blew the egg out when he started the car, where it was probably gobbled up by some grateful squirrels, who now have high cholesterol. Or, if the car was facing downhill, the egg could have rolled forward into the muffler, where it probably got vaporized during the morning commute.

RAY: People driving behind your dad that morning probably had unexplained urges to buy Egg McMuffins.

TOM: But the car will be absolutely fine, Isabel. If you want him to stay home with you the day after Easter next year, use a bigger egg.

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