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Interestingly, I recently drove a Subaru Outback that lets you know when the car in front of you starts moving. It’s part of Subaru’s Eye-Sight system, which actually is designed for crash detection, but they’ve cleverly added a “Hey, knucklehead … it’s time to go!” warning. When you’re stopped in traffic, and it detects that the car in front of you has moved more than a few feet, it beeps to wake you up from your Candy Crush trance and remind you to get moving.

It’s a sensible use of a new technology. I mean, how many times have you been waiting for a left-turn arrow to turn green, only to have the person in front of you be lost in an iPhone trance? Then you honk, and they take off just in time to make it through the light themselves, leaving you to wait through another light cycle.

Which is OK, actually, because then you have 30 more seconds to check your phone.

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