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Carbon Glow to get water

After years of waiting, residents of Carbon Glow could soon have treated water running to their homes.

After their water supply was damaged from mining conducted by Enterprise Coal in the early part of the decade, Enterprise and then Kingdom Coal have hired Letcher Fire and Rescue to haul water to the area. Both coal companies agreed to pay for water line extensions, but litigation over bankruptcy with Enterprise, and ongoing discussions over cost and other issues with Kingdom Coal have delayed the work.

Kingdom Coal and its engineering firm, Howard Engineering, met with representatives of the Letcher County Water and Sewer District, and the Kentucky Department of Mines and Minerals in the district’s offices in Mayking on December 12 to expedite the process. All parties agreed that the work needs to move forward as quickly as possible, and Bell Engineering, representing the District, will revise cost estimates and plans to submit to Howard Engineering.

The District has set up an account for funding the project, which will be paid for by Kingdom Coal. Plans are complete and at the request of the Department of Mines and Minerals, property valuation data from the PVA office is being included. A meeting with the Kentucky Department of Water is planned for January.

Alan Bowman of Bell Engineering also reported that plans for water lines and a wastewater treatment plant for the proposed prison at Roxana are being finalized. When complete, they will be submitted to the Kentucky Division of Water for review and approval. The district is expanding the scope of the work to include three chlorine booster stations. A meeting between district representatives and the U.S. Economic Development Administration is scheduled for January 13, to discuss funding possibilities for the Gordon/510 Water Project. A preliminary opinion of probable cost has been developed.

Kentucky River Area Development District has submitted funding plans for development of an alternate source of water supply for Letcher County to the EPA State Revolving Fund cycle. A United States Department of Agriculture Performance Partnership Grant (PPG) grant was submitted as well, and the district awaits a reply from USDA.

A hearing was held in Frankfort on December 11 in regard to a notice of violation issued by the Division of Water for residual chlorine in lines. DOW issued a tentative agreed order to alleviate the problems and a follow up meeting to discuss the terms has been scheduled. The district will need to revise its current flushing plan and develop a corrective action plan.

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