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Carcassonne residents afraid that they are losing their water supply

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter on behalf of my daughter, Tina Caudill, and the other residents of Carcassonne, Ky. For many years strip mines have been operating in our area and many of the residents’ homes and wells have been damaged. Wells were sunk and several new wells were drilled. However, for the last few months, Cheyenne Resources has been working in our area. The blasting has been so hard that it has shaken our houses. My daughter’s well worked fine and she had water before they started blasting. Now the well is caved in and the pump can’t be pulled out. She reported the problem to the company and they brought her drinking water and set a machine that measures the blasting. Since that time their shots have been a lot lighter. Other residents in the community can verify how hard the shots were. Most of the people on Jent Mountain at Carcassonne have sustained considerable damage. Cheyenne Resources still has done nothing to help.

Most Carcassonne residents signed a petition and went to the Blackey City Council meeting in 2004 for the purpose of getting city water for our community. Water lines have been run to Elk Creek and stopped. This is only a couple of miles from where we live. We have been trying since 2004 to get a dependable water source. As taxpaying citizens of Letcher County, we are entitled to have water. Because of the blasting of the mining companies, few residents of Carcassonne, especially on Jent Mountain, have much water. Many residents have no water and have to have it hauled in and stored in a cistern. This is expensive and inconvenient.

We know that coal is one of our major resources and many people in our area would not have jobs without it. However, water is essential for life and we deserve to have plentiful water like other residents of Letcher County. If anyone could help us, we would appreciate it.

SUSAN JENT Carcassonne

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