Whitesburg KY

Carcassonne youth rally set for Sunday

Don’t forget about the Carcassonne New Covenant Ministries Youth Rally that is being held on Saturday, June 26, at the top of Jent Mountain at the church. There will speakers and ministering, and food and drinks will be provided. For more information you can call Sondra Seals, 633-4743, Teresa Adams, 632-0344, Megan Caudill, 633-3388, or Michelle Caudill at 633- 0851.

Ella Mae Smith of Carcassonne had a CT scan last week and won’t know the results for a few weeks. They found a spot on her lungs recently and it has gotten bigger. I hope it turns out OK for her.

There was a mistake in my column last week. Matthew Bowling of Bull Creek turned 16 on his birthday. He is the son of Terry and Debbie Bowling.

Happy birthday to Tina Walters of Blackey, on June 22. Kristin Blair of Elk Creek turned 17 on June 15. She is a daughter of Manis and Cindy Blair. Mary Jane Back of Jeremiah had a birthday June 21, and Rebecca Miller of Blackey has one June 29.

Stella Dixon of Blackey is still in Pikeville Hospital. She was put in a private room, and is not doing well at all. I sure hope she gets better soon. Virgil Combs of Carcassonne had to be taken from the Whitesburg Hospital to Central Baptist in Lexington, and they said it might be his heart now. I hope he gets better soon. His daughter, Dandy, has also been having some health problems. I wish her the best also.

My dad, P-nut, left on Thursday to go to a VFW convention in Louisville. He went with Jimmy and some other members and came back on Sunday.

Happy birthday to Tekoa Henrikson of Carcassonne, who will be nine years old, June 25. She is the daughter of Johnny and Karen Henrikson.

Carrie Cornett of Blackey and her mother, Vestie, went Saturday to Harlan Hospital to see her sister, Rennie. Carrie said she is not doing very well, but hopefully she will get better soon.

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