Whitesburg KY

Cards, flowers bring much appreciation


Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well.

I don’t know where to start. I didn’t know I had so many friends. I’ve heard from a lot I had to find out who they were. I got a pretty card from Earl and Mildred Matthews of Lexington and found out it was Mildred Thomas, a cousin of Clyde’s. We knew her from Marlowe days. Thanks, Mildred. I hear about some of her family. She is the daughter of the late Mattie and Jack Thomas. My sister Kathleen Brock lives in the house you and your husband built.

Tommy and Sue Trent and Johnny and Lynette in Indiana, I don’t know your address so let me thank you for the beautiful flowers. I’m so glad you read my news. I was so glad to see you.

Sonny and Mahala (Reynolds) Frazier, I’m glad I keep you up on the Marlowe people. I write the same column that the late Daisy Halcomb, A.P. Williams, Bonnie Adams and Mary Majority all wrote before me. I’m sure all you older ones remember them. They were good writers and I always read them all.

It was good hearing from Bertha (Page) Dye the other evening. She is the daughter of the late Caldonia and Ervin Page, old Marlowe friends. She is the sister of the late Wid Page, a very good friend and schoolmate of mine.

Judy Puckett of Winchester, I’m glad I helped you find your mother’s grave. I’m pretty good at the lost and found. It was good hearing from you.

It was good hearing from Judy and Bennie Dent of Michigan. Judy, I ran into your sister Ruth at the Dollar Store. I asked her if she was one of Ivan Whitaker’s young’uns and she said yes and asked me if I was one of the Howards. I guess it shows on us.

Dorothy Miles told me her husband Glen and her granddaughter Heather were having birthdays. So happy birthday, you two.

Dorthy Tackett, I met your good looking grandson, the son of Ricky and Charlene Mason. We sure have pretty grandchildren, don’t we?

Words alone can’t tell all of you how much I appreciate all of you. It sure made a hard time better.

Emma Lou Engle, thanks for your prayers and everyone else’s. It sure helped.

I got a pretty card from Sarah Jane Hall Unterreiner of Louisville. I’m sure she is someone I know. I loved getting all the cards. It made me look forward to mail.

When things get a little more normal, whatever that is, I’ll try to get out and about and maybe get some interesting news.

I just heard my friend had been bitten by a snake and was in the hospital. I heard he was out. I hope he killed the snake for biting my friend.

The children have all been out of school for two weeks for break and for flu. I hope they are all better.

I talked with Anna Watkins in Florida. They are doing OK.

I also talked to Doug Profitt in Flatwoods. We talked a long time. I hadn’t seen him in a long time. He moved his mom Virginia Profitt down next door to him. You make her behave, Doug. Doug went to school with my sons. I’ve always liked him.

I’m rattling on and on, so I’ll stop here and see you all next week, same time same place.

May God bless you all. Try to be in church somewhere this week.

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