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CardStore makes birthdays easy

“Honey, is Cousin Donna’s birthday next week? Or is Roger’s birthday next week, and Donna’s the week after? And what in the world are we gonna give them?”

If keeping up with birthdays (and the cards and gifts that go with them) is less happy and more hassle than you’d like, then we’ve got an answer for you: CardStore from a trusted partner of the U.S. Postal Service.

When you go online to CardStore, you can design and send all of your greeting cards — complete with gift cards from some of the nation’s top retailers — and set up your own calendar to help you keep up with your special occasions.

Just go online to www.usps.com/cardstore and browse the image gallery. Here you can choose from a wide assortment of ready-to-go designs, from birthday selections to holidays to invitations and announcements. Got your own artwork? It’s easy to use your own photo or image. Personalize your card with your own special message. Pick out a gift card (one size fits all!) from Barnes & Noble, Bass Pro Shops, The Home Depot, Red Lobster, Toys-R-Us, or any of our 26 nationally renowned partners. Check out and you’re done!

With your personalized design and gift card from CardStore, you don’t have to make a special trip to the mall. You don’t have to remember (or keep up with!) sizes and color preferences. We will send the cards for you, or you can get them sent to you for signatures or further personalization. And don’t forget to set up your calendar birthdays and occasions, so reminders can be sent to you.

It’s easy! Just go to www.usps.com/cardstore and click away the birthday hassles!

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