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Careful, it’s mating season for deer

Motorists in Kentucky are being urged to use caution during the upcoming deer mating season.

Nationally, an estimated 500,000 vehicle collisions with deer occur on U.S. roadways each year, causing an average of $2,000 in damage per vehicle.

Despite the popular misconception that hunters are flushing the deer out into the roadways in greater numbers this time of year due to hunting season (Kentucky’s Modern Gun Season for deer begins November 10), the most influential stimulus is the decrease in daylight which triggers the mating urge in deer.

“Simply stated, this is the time of year that deer breed,” said David Yancy, Senior Wildlife Biologist for the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife. “All of the activity associated with the whitetail mating season, which we refer to as the ‘rut’, causes deer to cross our roads more frequently. In general, the entire deer population is very unsettled this time of year and they are on the move everywhere.”

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