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Carfa Niece is out of hospital

Hello everyone, hope you are doing well and having a happy New Year. I didn’t go anywhere or do anything, but I had some good company, my granddaughter Kathy Nelson and her beautiful daughter Caroline (don’t tell her I said that).

I’m sure she knows it if she looks in the mirror. All my granddaughters are beautiful.

Kathy lives in Alabama and she’s a teacher. She is a daughter of my son Astor and Jeanette Mullins.

I enjoyed getting a call from my good friend Juanita Profitt. She seems to be doing well for 90 years. We’ve been friends for many years. Our children went to school together.

Her grandson Ben had been in for a visit. He lives so far away he doesn’t get to come in much. Their jobs take them far away, but it’s good they have jobs.

I’m glad Bro. Carfa Niece is out of the hospital and doing okay. We miss him when he’s not at church playing his guitar.


I’ve been hoping I could hear from Glenora Bryant Eldridge. I got a Christmas card from her, but I’ve never met her. I have the book Charles Dixon wrote and I’ve seen pictures of her, and also the story she wrote in the book. I know so many of her family from Johnson Fork.

I’ve been trying to reach Charles and tell him how much I’ve enjoyed his book.

I was at the 1999 reunion at the old home of Artie Ann Bates and knew so many people. I knew Hope Campbell, Martha Jane Burns and Joanne (I can’t remember her last name, she was a Back).

We all went to school together at Blackey and Elk Creek. Tommy Combs was one of the teachers there and maybe Dennis Dixon. I kept up with him until his death.

We worked together as election officers and I visited him at Letcher Manor and met Charles there.

I was also friends with his wife Pelma; she was such a beautiful woman! I am still reading Charles’s book and anyone who lived around there needs to get it.

I know I’ve rattled on and I know I’ve bored you, but that was a good memory, but boring to those who didn’t know all those people.

I was born at Blackey, and was a Howard then. Arch and Ida Howard were my grandparents and all the other Howards are my kinfolk.

I talked with my son Rob, and he and his family are all doing okay. His son, Dr. Kevin Hatton, and his wife Adrienne have been on vacation and having a great time. They were home Saturday and back to work.

I met Linda Jarrett and she was telling me her sister, Nina Craft was sick and was going to have to get her strength back at rehab. I hope she will be okay. They sure helped me when I was there.

There’s not much going on around here, and it’s been cold, so I’ve been staying in so I really don’t have any good news, and I don’t like bad news.

I hope all of our sick folks get better. We have a lot of them.

May God bless all of you and try to be in church somewhere if you are able.

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