Whitesburg KY

Carolinas had sun, sea and sand for Christmas

North Carolina

Another warm day in the Carolinas. We are so blessed with weather. We did have Mr. Frost to visit, but then the old faithful sun reappeared. A few days ago we had the air conditioner on, but you know nature wants snow for Christmas. Not so, especially on the coast – just sun, sea and sand.

It looked like Christmas in Wal-Mart and surrounding homes. The largest Christmas tree in the world was lit in Wilmington. We saw it lit by way of TV.

There are many activities going on. I stayed busy at the church Christmas activities. Don’t get me wrong, but Christmas isn’t my favorite holiday, Easter is.

We had our cookie party at the church and 43 women were there. Cookies were everywhere and lots to bring home. I have Alizah and Caleb bags full.

As people of the week I chose four ladies at our cookie party, Pastor Merline Gupton, Wilmington; Sister Leslie Wilson, Leland; Evangelist Susan Weaver, Wilmington; and Sister Emma Simpson, Wilmington.

We had our Christmas dinner, lots of foods, gifts, and carols.

Thanks, Emma Engle of Ohio, for my Christmas card. It is beautiful. I will call you later on.

Hope you had a wonderful New Year’s. We were planning to have black-eyed peas and ham hocks for New Year’s.

We have had deadly fires here. It is that time of year. We took up a love offering at our church for a family of two little boys who were killed by fire in Leland. It upset my family church for they knew them. This is a sad time for many families unknown to us.

We had a little rain, not much. It is badly needed.

By what my brother, Earl, tells me, my brother, Vernon’s, goat is a spoiled goat. Pete’s aren’t far off, especially Jasper. I can’t handle the goats, just the cats and puppies.

Believe it or not, my Christmas tree is still standing. The pets love it and they had a bought bone to hang on it Christmas Day.

Don’t forget to put out bread for the birds this winter. They are hungry.

This is short but I have ministry, preaching to do tonight.

This was written by my good friend, Sister Ellen Nance, for the Apostolic Church newsletter:

Life is like a journey/Where it leads we never know/We just simply have to follow/Wherever it may go./And with it comes some joy/and, yes, sometimes even sorrow,/But we just have to keep believing/In a new and brighter tomorrow./For with tomorrow we’ll follow/A path unknown,/ Planting seeds on our way/That have been unsown./ Perhaps never knowing/The impact we’ve made/From the things we’ve done/With the ground we have laid./So, always remember/ A fact that is true/That many lives have been touched/Just because of you.

To all, happy New Year. The Smiths and critters.

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