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Carolyn Sturgill celebrates birthday

Big Cowan

Well, another week has come and gone and so far we missed the bad storm. Thank God, because Indiana got hit hard with snow and ice.

I called Carolyn (Harvey) Sturgill the other night and we talked a lot about when we were kids and how proud her mom, the late Anita Day, would be of her grandkids and great-grandchildren if she were still alive. Carolyn sounds like Anita when she laughs. Happy birthday, Carolyn, on Jan. 31.

I went to the doctor with my husband and finally met Dr. Bielecki. She is really nice and we talked about several members of my family that she knew and about how Irene and Eugene Day’s butternut squash made its way to Pennsylvania. While there I ran into Tilda (Dollarhide) Fields that I hadn’t seen since I was in high school. She came to visit us in Indiana at that time. It was really good to see her. She is a nurse.

Eugene Day had a sore which was cancerous removed from his forehead and one that was not cancerous from the side of his nose. He is doing OK.

Mary Lou Fields is home from the hospital. She is bruised up from the fall but doing better.

I met Ruby Lewis, the daughter of Reuben and Odessa (Jones) Lewis. I can’t remember Ruby’s married name. My sister, Kathy, introduced her to me at Isom. She lives in Virginia and reads my column and wanted to know if I knew any of the Fouts family that is related to her. I didn’t but I told her someone else might and if I found out I would print it in the paper.

The late Albert Jones that I used to go to church with in Indiana was her uncle. I really thought a lot of him. Her cousin, Wayne Turner, goes to the same church that I go to down here. Small world, isn’t it?

Bill Maggard called from Columbus, Ind., and is doing fair.

I want to say hello to Nezalene and Eugene Day, Shelby and Bobby Bockover, Virginia Ann and Burdene Gilley, Audrey and Charles Hammonds, Arthur Pendleton, Isom and Darlene Fields, Bill and Agnes Maggard, and all the others that look forward to The Mountain Eagle each week. I as well as most of them like to read Jim Cornett, Oma Hatton, Rose Ballard Durham and some of the others (can’t remember all their names) whose columns come out each week.

I am looking for a small house or trailer for my son, Mike, and his friend to move into. They have to be moved out by Feb. 25. Please call 633-0439 if you know of a place between Cowan and Whitesburg. They are both on SSI and can’t afford over $400 a month. He is good at helping people with odds and ends or mowing grass or if you have a house you just want someone to stay in and do the upkeep, please call and thank you!

Sorry to hear about Avery and Judy (Kiser) Miles’s daughter dying in that trailer fire at Eolia last week. I knew her dad when I was younger. We went over to his mom and dad’s (the late Mary Jane and Jasper Miles) house. My sympathy goes out to her family.

Sorry to hear Harvey Creech was in the hospital but glad he is home and doing better.

The Freewill Baptist Church of Whitesburg located at Whitco did real well with the pie sale on Friday. Thanks to all of you who bought them and you are greatly appreciated.

I got some good news the other day. My son, Chad, and wife Amber of Indiana are planning on going back to church. They haven’t been for a few years so it pleases me to hear that.

Well, that’s all for this week. Attend the church of your choice and may God bless you!

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