Whitesburg KY

Cat bite sends Oma Hatton to the hospital

Whitesburg By OMA HATTON


Hello, everyone. Hope you are all doing well and hope you have had a merry Christmas with all your family. I have had five Christmas dinners, all delicious.

Our Christmas for Clyde at the Veterans Center went really well. Everyone was so helpful. A few of the family couldn’t make it on account of their jobs and we really missed them. I knew they wanted to be there. It was great seeing Rob’s son, Dr. Kevin Hatton and his sons, Will and Loren, and Rob’s daughter, Rocki, all of Lexington. Astor’s daughter, Kathy Nelson, and her family live in Alabama and couldn’t come, and his daughter, Jennifer, had to work. She is a nurse. All of Sandra and Billy’s family made it, and all of Linda and Larry’s. We appreciated all of them and the work they put into it. I feel so blessed having most of my family living close.

We sure had lots of good food there. We fed everyone who came by and we wish more had stopped. We still had lots left over.

I went home after the party with Astor and wife Rosemary to Ashland, and spent two nights with them and got to visit with their family, Jennifer and her daughter, Taylor, and also Sonia Bevins, Rosemary’s granddaughter, who spent the night along with Taylor. I sure enjoyed my stay there except for a short visit to the hospital thanks to my cat, Tweety Bird. She didn’t mean to bite me, a small bite that got infected. She didn’t do it on purpose, she really loves me and I love her.

It was good talking to Anne (Miller) Vanderpool of Williamsburg. She was recuperating from heart surgery and wasn’t feeling well. I sure hope she’s better now. She’s one of our Marlowe girls. I hadn’t seen her since her mother’s funeral 14 years ago. Anne is the daughter of the late Lettie and Woodrow Miller.

My friend, Tommie Baker, is out of the hospital but still isn’t feeling well. I hope she’s better now.

I looked in on Calvin Campbell at the Veterans Center on Thursday, but he was sleeping. He’s across the hall from Clyde.

Iva Cheatham of Stanford, thanks for my Christmas card. You said you had a new address and phone number.

Shirley Wells, it was good hearing from you and getting the picture of you and your grandchildren. You still look like the little “tomboy” from Marlowe Hollow. I could hardly tell you from your grandchildren.

I haven’t heard anything from Wanda (Stidham) Miller in Belva, W.Va. I hope she is doing better.

Hillard Howard and his family are on vacation in Florida, and my son, Rob Hatton, and his family are in Mexico, and I’m right here looking out at what used to be Marlowe. “Our old happy days.” I sure have good memories of all the people there and think of them often. I keep up with as many as I can of them. I love hearing from them.

Maybe I’ll have pictures of the Howards’ and Hattons’ Christmas parties by next week.

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere this week and all through the new year.

Happy New Year to all of you and your family.

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