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Cats’ championship game was heart stopping


All I can begin with is, wow Cats! I believe the shot that put Kentucky into overtime on Sunday made my heart stop for a split second and I’m quite sure I’m not the only person to experience that.

Saturday, The Old Talbot Tavern had a free pig roast during the games, and a lot of residents attended.

Last weekend, Jeff ’s brother, Keith Collins, whose dad was originally from Hazard, came down and spent Saturday night with us to attend the UK/ Florida game. It’s always nice to see him and Christina, who live in Dayton, Oh. Christina is originally from California.

Saturday night we were invited over to Jeff ’s cousin Jimmy Beavers’s house to play pool and visit with him and his wife, Cindy. Other family members who were there were, of course, Keith and Christina, Jimmy’s dad, Jr. Beavers, Annette and Wes Filiatreau.

We all had a really nice time, and Jimmy played guitar and Annette and I tried our luck at singing along. I must say it was a lot diff erent than karaoke when the words light up when it’s time to sing them.

We had a wild hailstorm on Friday. I was getting ready to make some Mary Kay deliveries and I just happened to call to check on the kids at their dad’s, and he told me that we had a severe thunderstorm warning, which was going to include hail.

I decided to turn my TV on to get the details. When it arrived it was as if there’d been a cloudburst. It cut a rut through the flowerbeds as the guttering spilled into them. The hail washed down the driveway.

The ditches quickly overfilled and spilled into the road. It was an interesting light show, to say the least. As it was leaving, it knocked out the cable, and when it had finally subsided, piles of hail that looked like snow were left behind. It rained and drizzled the rest of the weekend.

March 14 through March 20 is Cover the Uninsured Week. The Community Clinic here in Bardstown will be off ering healthcare to uninsured residents who have specific requirements on income, people in the household, and no insurance. They will be off ering medical, dental and vision care.

Last week the city council passed a smoking ban in all public buildings, and a ban on people smoking at work. A lot of the residents are upset, and some are taking pictures of city workers who are smoking in their vehicles, which would be a violation of the ordinance. The entire city will be smokefree by mid-June.

This coming weekend, Patti Starr, who teaches a ghost hunting class at UK college and holds the ghost trek tour here in Bardstown during certain weekends throughout the year, will be in Bardstown conducting investigations of a local residence.

That should prove to be interesting. A lot of people are skeptics but I know of at least one person locally who has said, “I don’t believe in that but my daughter saw something in my old house where, I found out a week later, an old man had died and wasn’t found for two weeks.”

Would that be a skeptic who is in doubt? There are a lot of people living here who are into that kind of thing; Bardstown is on the America’s top 10 most haunted towns list.

The Tasting Bash, which is a fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity, was rescheduled from February to March 16. The cost was $10 to get to experience the diff erent foods available. It was held at the main office of Town and Country Bank on Third Street downtown.

Relay for Life is looking for people in Nelson County, whose lives have been touched by cancer, to take portraits and interview volunteers who have been helping or living with someone with cancer, or have lost someone to cancer.

Happy birthday to Bernard Rayburn, who will be 15 on March 31. Also, a happy birthday to Kimelia (Hampton) Osborne, Cora (Hampton) Fields, and Kenny Ray Scott on March 31.

Prayer list this week includes Judy Branham, Alicia Scott, James Hardesty, John Rayburn, Angie Hornback, Sammy Williamson, Jeff Lester Sr., Kathy and Jr. Beavers, Ethel Beavers, June Clark, Barry Adams, Elizabeth ‘Biz’ Nichols, Lorelei Raikes, and Samantha Gaff ney.

I suppose that’s all the news for this week. May you be abundantly blessed.

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