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Caudill songs bring memories

Hello everyone. We finally got a break from the snow and cold and saw a little sunshine. I think we have actually seen a little bit of a preview of what spring will feel like! I probably can speak for most of the readers and probably everyone, I am glad winter is almost gone!

My son Keith Ballard and I went to Cincinnati, and on the way back Keith rolled the window down and the air felt so refreshing.

I woke up to a rather chilly house as my furnace shut down again. This time it needs a part. At least it is not so cold, actually it was warmer outside than in my house. I have my electric fireplace in the living room which puts off a good supply of warmth, then a couple of years ago I bought two good electric heaters and have an electric blanket on the bed, plus I keep an older electric blanket in the living room, so I am comfortable.

I was tempted not to have the furnace fixed and just go with the electric heaters, but I know this weather can be fickle so I am afraid it will get cold enough to freeze the pipes in the basement and then we would be in trouble.

If anyone in this area ever needs any electrical or furnace work, please call David Dison as he is very reliable. I appreciate his every effort to get my furnace running once again.

My sympathy goes out to the family of Panny Day Stallard and Ruben Watts. I didn’t know Panny that well, though I did meet her, and she was such a beautiful person. I knew Ruben as a child from Mill Branch. I loved his wife Odell and always admired her so much, and their daughter Yvonne was a few years younger than me; she was such a shy, sweet little girl.

I read where there’s going to be a Kingdom Come reunion May 28. I wish I was able to go to this, but I wouldn’t know that many people and I didn’t graduate from there. I hope there’s a good turnout. That school will always be a part of my childhood memories.

I have meant to say something before and somehow I keep forgetting it. For some time I have read the Lexington Herald online, there was a small site you could click on to get eastern Kentucky news. Well, the paper changed its web site so it wasn’t available for some reason. I had saved something on my computer, I checked it out and it led me to the eastern Kentucky news section, oh am I pleased.

I can see news clips on WYMT and something else that is so beautiful to me, the advertisement of Come Back to the Mountains. It shows Kingdom Come State Park among other things, and yes, it is just a few seconds, but it means so much to me.

Blackey has a very special musician, William Caudill, who has a band called Route 7. William has posted a few songs from his CD, ‘Blackey On My Mind,’ which I love, however his song of ‘Route 7’ is the one I really like. The videos are really touching. The scenes are so familiar and bring back so many memories. Thank you very much, William, for posting this on Facebook. William has CD’s for sale. I do not know his telephone number and wouldn’t print it without his permission, but I do know he lives at Blackey. William has one scene that really made me laugh out loud, the Blue Goose at the mouth of Leatherwood! Southern Ohio

Several years ago my friend Margie Kelly and I had visited my brother Richie Hall and his wife Wanda. Richie told me how to go on a different road instead of driving back to Whitesburg, and after it seemed as if I had driven forever, finally a car came in the opposite direction and I asked where in the heck was I?

Finally I asked if that road would bring me out close to the Blue Goose and the man replied, yes, it would but they were closed on Sunday.

I started laughing so hard. Here they were dressed up and on their way to church, and they thought I was asking so I could get something to drink. I explained that was the only way I would know I was on the right road, that I wasn’t looking for anything to drink. Margie teased me for many years about this. Thanks, Will, for the memory!

I never thought I would ever fool with a computer, much less be on a website called Facebook. I am really amazed at all the people from the mountains who are on this site. I still say the computer is a wonderful thing unless you use it for the wrong reason, as so many people do. Even though I will cuss like a sailor out to sea if you get me riled up enough, I do not like to see profanity written by anyone, and there’s no use for expletive pictures posted.

Sometimes Larry Roark makes me too hungry with his food pictures that he prepares. I’m just kidding, Larry, I really enjoy communicating with you.

I talked briefly to Ann Calihan, and both she and Johnny are doing alright. Ann and Johnny send their love to all their family who read this column.

Gwen Huff Farmer has enjoyed the warm weather and has finally been able to get out shopping with her friend, Diane. I bet she will have a lettuce bed out before long with some onion sets to go with them.

I really miss having a garden at times, but then when the weather is so bad that nothing does any good, I am just as glad I don’t fool with one.

I haven’t communicated with Shirley Wells this week on the computer as it seems that my brain won’t let me sit still long enough to concentrate. Now that Keith is out of the hospital and doing alright maybe things will settled down for me.

I am going to try to go see my new grandson, Kyle Thomas, and the Nottingham girls, Sarah, Jessica and Katelyn, along with their mom and dad next week.

Hey Frick and Frack, are you guys okay? I haven’t heard anything from either of you lately, so I guess that means you are behaving!

Linda Whitaker Day, I sure hope this finds you doing better, and say hello to all your family.

Betty and Doyle Ison, now that the weather is getting a little nicer I will try to head your way before long.

My brother Richie has been sort of feeling bad for several days, but he won’t listen to Wanda or me and go to the doctor. He is so stubborn. Now I wonder who he gets that from. Richie has been enjoying having their grandson Blake around for awhile, and he calls Richie “Poppy.”

I have been neglecting talking to my brother Jerry and Mattie Hall. There are not enough hours in the day for me, it seems. I buy cards for my sister Loretta Church and my brother Wallace Lee Hall who are in Letcher Manor Nursing Home, and forget to send them.

I went to visit a friend of mine and left my cell phone, then I stopped by her mother’s and left my glasses. It’s a good thing my teeth were in my mouth or I might have left them somewhere, or my head.

Hello to Carl Boggs and all the family, and Jessie Frazier, too. Wanda Ferrell, I hope you are doing okay.

Eula Tolliver, I hope your hand is improving and no more falls, please!

Emma and Red Engle, are you thawed out yet?

It has been a rather tiring day so I will just say until next time:

Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030 email: Bluegrassmama4@aol.com, telephone 513-367-4682.

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