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Caudills celebrate 50th anniversary

I haven’t written in quite some time, but decided to take a little time to actually sit down and write this week.

The annual Blackey Bazaar was held last week and many came out to support the community center by buying the chili dinners. Many local vendors and shoppers enjoyed visiting and shopping together.

Everything from antiques and art to candles, cosmetics, gingerbread and painted gourds were available. Also, they had crocheted items and cake. You name it, and someone was selling it.

The outside area of Blackey was decorated so Christmas-y for the many festivities that happen there this time of the year.

The West Letcher Oral History group held their December meeting on Monday night at the Blackey Library. They were having refreshments that evening, also.

Richard Hampton is home, recuperating from his recent hip replacements. Joyce reports that he’s doing well.

A fun time was had by all who attended last Friday’s Christmas play at the old Stuart Robinson/Calvary College auditorium. We have great actors from the Route 7 area, as was proven by the four or five plays they have put on this year.

We appreciate being able to use the campus for the good of our community. All proceeds from the Christmas play went to support the Food Pantry run by the Rodasevich family, who live at and take care of the Calvary campus.

Eve r yone brought canned food when they attended the play, also for the food pantry.


The Playing Possum Band did a great job with the music and songs that went along with the skits. Some were lighthearted comedy fare like “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer,” or the “12 Days of Christmas.”

Then the children also got to sing Christmas songs and before ending, Paul Rodasevich read the story of the birth of Jesus as the children on stage acted out the parts of the Wise Men, angels, Mary and Joseph, with baby Jesus.

And before I leave this story of the play, someone said that if Santa got caught kissing Janie Caudill it might end up in the Jeremiah news, but I think everyone will figure out who played Santa and it won’t cause a scandal. I just had to put it in, Janie and Ernie.

Recently Loye and Brenda Caudill celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a get-together of family and friends. They held the reception at the Blackey Community Center and enjoyed seeing all who attended.

Toby and Coleen Breeding also recently celebrated an anniversary and Toby had a birthday the same day.

Our areas have lost many loved ones since I have written last: Rory Blair, Steve Adams, Lyle Frazier, Freda Riddle, Jerry Coots and Patricia Whitaker Boggs are a few whose families are left heartbroken.

The annual singing at the Blair Branch Church will be this Friday evening, beginning at 7 p.m. All are welcome to attend and refreshments will be served afterwards. Please remember to bring a can of food or a non-perishable food item for the Food Pantry.

Let’s keep our friends and neighbors who haven’t been feeling well in our prayers; Terry Caudill, Tim Caudill, Merle and Linda Caudill, Betty Campbell, Rodney Ison and Stella Elam are just a few who came to mind.

Every Sunday at church the prayer lists have so many in need of healing prayer.

It doesn’t seem like it could be December, but Christmas is now less than two weeks away. We have had a few cold days and nights that let us know winter is upon us too.

The family of Irene Dixon met at Letcher Manor to celebrate her 95th birthday. She looked so happy in the pictures of her special day. Sunday, when Bob and I visited at the nursing home she was all smiles when we told her “happy birthday.”

Irene is the last surviving member of the Hound Dog Hookers, the rug-making group from the Blackey area. God has blessed her with a long life and a family that always takes good care of her.

Don’t forget that Friday evening is also “Christmas in the Park” held at the community center at Blackey. Children will get gifts and goodies from Santa.

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