Whitesburg KY

Caudills mark 17th anniversary


Happy birthday to my precious grandson Kaleb Miller. He will be 5 on April 3. He is the son of Jennifer Combs and Damian Miller and the grandson of myself and Papaw Lee Roy and Billie Miller of Blackey. He is having a Scooby Doo party.

My sympathy to the family of Wayne Howard. He died on March 15. Wayne had been sick for a long time. He is from Letcher but was in a nursing home in Dayton Ohio. Wayne was 54.

Happy birthday to Samantha Morton of Viper, Venora ‘Dandy’ Walters of Carcassonne, and Leigh Nichols of Blackey. All of theirs are March 15.

Happy anniversary to Jerry and Kathy Caudill of Jeremiah. It was their 17th on March 19.

Happy birthday to Simon Christon of Redfox. He turned 17 on March 20. He is the son of Arthur and Gwen Christon.

Jack Pineyard of Jeremiah had his foot broken on Wednesday at his home. He and his dad Junior were cutting a tree and it fell on his foot. He went to Whitesburg Hospital then on to Hazard Hospital and has to have surgery. I hope he gets better soon.

Happy birthday to Misty Henrikson and Freda Combs, both of Carcassonne. Theirs were on March 21.

Grayson Sparks of Knott County had to spend a night in Hazard Hospital. He had RSV. He is home now and doing better. He is the son of Julie Sparks.

Happy birthday to Veronica Collins of Blackey. It was on March 18. Tara Amburgey of Letcher had a birthday on March 20 and Amber Back of Blackey on March 25.

Karsyn Patterson of Whitesburg had to spend a couple of nights in HARH. He had pneumonia. He is the son of Jamy and Mallory Patterson and the grandson of Mike and Karen Eldridge of Elk Creek. I’m glad he is home and doing better.

Dorthy Campbell, formerly of Bull Creek, had to be taken to the emergency room with kidney problems and was supposed to be flown to Lexington on Wednesday, but the weather was too bad so she was taken down by ambulance. Last I heard was on Saturday and she was in ICU.

Happy birthday to Nigel Nichols of Doty Creek. He turned 9 on March 18. He is the son of Mark and Monae Nichols, and the grandson of Velva Shuffler of Linefork, Ray Nichols of Doty Creek and Margaret Nichols of Isom.

Happy birthday to Jackson Henrikson of Carcassonne. He will be 5 on April 1. His sister Taylor will be 9 on April 8. They are the children of Jonny and Karen Henrikson and the grandchildren of John and Loretta Henrikson of Carcassonne and Freda and Wayne Bailey of Isom.

Prayers for Wesley Dixon of Carcassonne. He was back in the hospice unit last week. Hopefully he will be home and doing better soon. He is the son of John and Jenny Dixon.

Martha Watts of Linefork was in the hospital with chest pains last week. I wish her the best.

My sympathy to the family of Patrick ‘Buck’ Madden of Carcassonne. He died on Saturday, March 23. He had been sick for awhile.

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