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Caudills to mark 68th anniversary


Last week, funeral services were held at Blair Branch Church for Marie Banks Caudill and, despite the deep snow, many family and friends were able to make it out to the night visitation and final service the next day. Love and prayers go out to Regina and Doug and their family and Lowell and Tina and family.

The funeral for Lillie Moss Campbell Hale was also held during last week’s bad snowy spell. Lillie Moss was the daughter of the late Dee and Ethel Smith and lived to be 89 years old. As a young woman, she met and married Davis Campbell and had two daughters, Joann and Susie. We can only imagine the sorrow Lillie Moss suffered when she lost her husband and daughters in a tragic car accident. It was one of the most sad things to see the long tombstone with all of her family laid to rest together. She later married Dura Hale, who preceded her in death.

Lillie Moss was well known and loved throughout her life and held a special place in the hearts of her large family of brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces and cousins. She was preceded in death also by three brothers, James Richmond, John Welch and William Douglas Smith. Prayers and sympathy to Roy Kenon, Tommy Harris, Anna Lou and Mary Jo, who will miss their sister so much, and to all Lillie’s extended family.

Sorry to hear that so many folks throughout the area have had frozen water pipes and various other problems that go along with frozen pipes.

Ronnie G. Back had surgery last Tuesday on his shoulder that broke when he fell on the ice and snow. Hope the doctors at Hazard Hospital have him fixed up and maybe it won’t be too painful.

Happy 68th anniversary on March 1 to Mertie and Sterlin Caudill of Blair Branch. Hope they are faring well this winter.

This weekend was meeting time at Blair Branch Church and despite the weather we had a good crowd and a blessed weekend. We missed those who were snowed in and couldn’t attend, but fully understand that this weather does make it difficult for folks to get out.

Bob and Hunter Banks shoveled Rodney and Geraldine Ison’s driveway and Rodney made it to church Saturday evening and Sunday.

The county workers are to be commended for all the hard work they have done trying to keep our roadways clear of snow and ice for the last week or so. A big thank you to them for a job well done.

Sorry to hear that Chetty Caudill had to spend some time in the hospital. And also Ila Adams of Blair Branch, who spent a couple days in the hospital with pneumonia. She is home now and hopefully better. Her family takes good care of her.

Bob lost an uncle in Oklahoma. Ike Upshaw was married to Helen, daughter of the late Hub and Vina Banks. Ike had many other nephews and nieces in our area. He and Helen have a daughter and her family in Oklahoma and a son in Indiana.

As I write this our city water is off, but hopefully it will be back on soon.

Claude Hensley is doing well and was to have his staples from recent surgery removed last week. Hope all went well and that his wife is also feeling better.

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