Whitesburg KY

Center gets gift of knitted booties

Lizzie Wright spent her snow days working on this 3-D puzzle of the Empire State Building.

Lizzie Wright spent her snow days working on this 3-D puzzle of the Empire State Building.

Snow, snow, snow. We have had enough snow to last the rest of this winter.

Hello to all senior citizens out there. I hope everyone kept warm through this cold weather.

Ermine Center has had a great group of seniors to come out the days we were open. But not me. I stayed home and worked on a 3-D puzzle named ‘Sears Tower.’ It has 532 pieces to it, and it is over three feet tall.

Mike Majority, the son of Patty Majority, came and spent a week with her. He lives in South Carolina and he brought a lot of gifts for Bingo for us. He didn’t get to come to the center, though. Patty brought them later.

Jack and Betty Newman have been on another honeymoon. They went to Florida. Say, Betty, how many honeymoons does a lady get?

Our center would like to thank the lady or whomever, who crocheted the booties for us. We really appreciated them. They are beautiful. I have worn mine every day, and they are warm, too. We would like to know you and thank you in person.

It was great to see Everett and Louise Joseph back at the center for the party. I hope you will be back soon. Louise really looked good. She has been sick for a long time.

Ralph Collier, another of our senior citizens, in is Whitesburg Hospital. He went in Jan. 11. I hope how soon you’ll be out, Ralph, and back with us.

James and Barbara Hall have been going to the doctor, just for checkups. I’m glad they are doing okay.

Hey Don, Nancy and Kyleia, are you still snowed in up on that mountain? Slide off and get back to the center. We miss you.

We got our new tables last Thursday, and they sure are pretty. They match our chairs.

We are planning something diff erent to do, and hope the weather stays nice so we can.

Joe Walker was at our center recently. Come back again, Joe.

Linda Garrett came recently, and said that her sister, Nina Craft is in Whitesburg Hospital. Get well, Nina, and be back with us.

Ralph Hall, are you hiding out again? You need to get back to the center and help take my part. I hope you talk to you again next week.

God bless until next time.

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