Whitesburg KY

Center served as storm shelter

Our center was open as a shelter during our big snow and power outage. Everything came to a standstill. Isn’t it odd how we take so many things for granted until we don’t have them?

We have some new folk coming to our center. We are always glad to welcome new friends and see old friends come back who have been absent.

Some of us were talking this week about how much we enjoy our fellowship. We decided we would come, even if we had to bring a brown bag lunch. We don’t want to give Debbie Slone any ideas since we enjoy her cooking so much. She made those wonderful dumplings again this past week.

We have been having some Rook playing and Scrabble games. I hear Betty Pike is a terror to face at Scrabble. Lloyd Mullins is her biggest competitor.

Talking is our favorite pastime, and some of us quilt. We would love to have some new quilters join us.

We finished Dorothy York’s quilt last week. We started it before she went to be with the Lord. Those who quilted were: Vina Lucas, Lorraine Kuracka, Joy Pease, Margaret Pease, Judith Hampton and myself. We really miss Dorothy, she was a wonderful lady.

Flowers are blooming early this year. Lizzie Mae has already brought some of her beautiful jonquils for us to enjoy. She has a lot of pretty flowers.

We are going shopping Thursday. We mostly go to eat, but we enjoy shopping too. We have a lot of fun, whether at our center or on an outing. Friendship is a wonderful thing!

Our potluck this month is March 16. We are having hot dogs and all the good things that go with them, and an ice cream cake for dessert. If you come, be sure to wear something green so you won’t get pinched.

We will have a St. Patrick’s Day cake. After all, he drove all the snakes out of Ireland (so they say). I didn’t see any.

We really miss Ruby Caudill, Martha Harris, Lorraine and Metry Kuracka and Jack Stallard. Ruby is home now, Lorraine’s knee is doing well, and Jack is working hard in rehab. We hope they will soon be back.

Martha isn’t feeling well right now, so remember her in prayer, and also Patty Majority and Louise Joseph in the nursing home.

Thought from Daily Bread: “A life filled with love for the Lord and for others is a fulfilling life.”

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