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Chad, Amber Fields marking anniversary

Big Cowan

Eager to see who our new President will be.

Hello everyone. Hope all had a good week. We only had a handful of trickor treaters. I think most of them go to Whitesburg.

Late happy birthdays to Shelia Hurt, Donald Harding and John Goedeker on Nov. 4. Hope they enjoyed their day.

Birthdays this week, Paige Brown will be nine years old on Nov. 11. Happy birthday, sweetie!

My son Chad and his wife Amber Fields will be married nine years on Nov. 14. Happy anniversary to them. We love you guys.

My husband James is supposed to have surgery on his hand on Tuesday for carpal tunnel. Pray that everything goes well.

Gordon Volunteer Fire Department had an auction on Saturday night with proceeds going to the fire department. Santa’s truck train had a benefit singing on Saturday afternoon. Hopefully they both were a success.

Christmas is not very far away. Not ready for it yet. Have to celebrate Thanksgiving first. There are so many things to be thankful for — lots we take for granted.

My thoughts go out to the families that were victims of Hurricane Sandy and how their holidays will be. It will never be the same for them so we should be content and thankful for what we have — might not be much, could be much less. So thank God that you still have your family and a roof over your head, electricity, and food to eat. Some people honestly have nothing.

All of us have doctor’s appointments this week. Nothing serious, just regular checkups.

Dalton Jones, son of Emily and Paul Jones, grandson of Bill and Agnes Maggard and Jenny and Arlie Jones, was home for two weeks from Fort Hood, Tex., to spend time with his family and friends. Thanks, Dalton, for serving our country.

Hasn’t been much happening this past week so it is hard to find things to write about. Just bear with me.

Also, I saw that Debbie Miles Lester had a birthday. Late happy birthday to her.

Charles Large has been very sick. Keep him and his wife Pat in your prayers. Also keep the following in prayer: Irene and Eugene Day, Mary Ann Maggard, Bill and Agnes Maggard, Audrey and Charles Hammonds, Kathleen and Ernest Brock, Wayne and Tammy Turner, Kathy and Eddie Wolfe, Michelle and Paul Murphy, Joyce and Dean Wilson, Pat King, Melinda Daniel, and Joann and Leroy Fields.

Pray for our country, the homeless and shut-ins, also all the ones affected by Hurricane Sandy, all our friends, family and neighbors.

Well, time to get off here. Have a good week and may God bless!

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