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Chair from angels makes happy June

Points East

Back in early March, it became obvious that Loretta and I were going to have a wheelchair to get me into and out of the house, especially on those rainy days when I was making trips to the hospital three or four times a week with no letup in sight.

So we made arrangements to buy one at a medical supply store before discovering that it was so large and heavy that we were going to have to buy a trailer to haul it around on, plus it was not going to do anything to solve the problem of getting me to and from the car. I would estimate the pound-to-pound similarity to be about the same as a World War II era Sherman tank except it looked easier to get the tank into the car enough to close the doors.

Then three things happened almost simultaneously. First, I walked into the hospital for an immunotherapy infusion and it didn’t look like I was going to walk away. We still have no idea how Loretta got me back inside the house, but the previously dependable hurry cane had suddenly lost all its utility. No sooner had she got me back in bed than the phone rang and an angel was calling to tell us it had a free wheelchair I could have if the angel would agree for me to keep its name out of the paper.

As soon as she got home, old friends Steve and Ann Meng called from Lexington with one we could easily manage to accommodate an upcoming flurry of hospital visits and would get us in and out and folded up in a matter of a few short minutes. Our lives had radically changed in less than an hour!

I quickly learned that, even though it weighed a ton, the angel chair was like riding on air and that moving from room to room was as simple as walking around. We have installed pillows, cushions and such to the point that it is now the most comfortable place in the house for me to sit for extended periods of time.

A month ago I had no idea if I would ever write another column and it’s still on a “one day at a time” basis, but, thanks to some very real angels, I find myself back into yet another June that I really never expected to see with myself in it.

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