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Chamber spotlights Ernie Bradley



Ernie Bradley of A.C.E. Management has been named to the March Letcher County Chamber of Commerce member spotlight.

A.C.E. Management gets its name from the initials of the names of Bradley, his daughter, Aundria, and his wife, Cheryl. The business is comprised of The Stitchin’ Post, a l9-year-old embroidery and printing business located in Letcher, and a product brokerage and Internet marketing business.

Bradley says he came from a hardworking family who believed that if you worked hard at your job, then your future was set. However, after working for several companies over the years, he started to question that philosophy. He says he saw that working for the other guy really didn’t give him much control over when he worked or how much money he could make.

“I wanted to work at something that was going to be mine, something that I could leave to my family, and something that I could have some flexibility,” Bradley says. He began to see a change in the way business was being done throughout the country and decided he wanted to look at something different.

In February 2003, Bradley was introduced to Market America. Market America developed a business model called the UNFRANCHISE, a product brokerage and Internet marketing company that sells over 35 million prod- ucts and services from one website. Bradley says, “We are a true hybrid of QVC and Amazon.com., but only better.”

UNFRANCHISE has done to the Internet what Wal-Mart did to retailing, bringing convenience, price, and products all to one location, says Bradley. And, he says, one of the best assets is that you are rewarded for every dollar you spend on the web. When asked about his decision to go from the “traditional” way of making money to the “untraditional” way, Bradley says, “It is the best business decision I ever made.”

“It’s all about servicing people,” said Bradley. “It could be helping them locate products, or helping them find a way to create a better life for themselves and their families. And, isn’t that a great way to make a living?”

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