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Changing light bulb begins project

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Howdy folks!

How is everything in your little corner of the world? I may as well not complain as things are okay around here, just a few minor gripes.

Several months ago there was something on television about discontinuing standard light bulbs that have been around probably since electricity. I can remember a bare light bulb hanging in the center of the room with a black cord going up the wall. Mom would put a white string to pull the light bulb on and off.

I didn’t take heed the warning and buy extra. I had the bulb in my ceiling light to blow. It has a frosted cover so I use a 100-watt bulb and none is available unless I want to pay almost $9 for two bulbs.

I finally decided to take a bulb from a less used light. While changing the bulb I had to clean the globe, oh, the fan was dirty too, so I cleaned that. Then I made the mistake of taking a close look at my kitchen ceiling and walls. Where I had a minor grease fire sometime before my surgery, I haven’t been able to wash the walls so I can paint. It seems that isn’t going to be a problem as I have started on that project. I am going to Sears this week and get some paint.

My gripe about the light bulbs is before long we won’t be able to breathe without permission, or have implants inserted in our bodies so someone will know each of our moves. There will be no free government for us.

I resent the fact that it is against the law if you don’t buckle your seat belts. Yes I am very aware it may save lives, but it should be your choice, not some blasted someone telling you what to do. You pay for your vehicle, pay for insurance, pay all expense, then are told what the heck to do.

Years ago there were no seat belts. You put your children in the car and you got in yourself and set out on your voyage.

If there was an infant you held it in your arms! I know there’s many of you readers have done the same thing, so don’t give me no bad feedback.

Now I have my griping done, at least for the moment!

Last week I forgot to mention something in my column.

My sympathy goes out to the children of the late Thurston and Maxi Davis of Mill Branch, as they lost a brother.

Too many years have passed for me to try to remember the names, but I do remember Merlene, Jimmy Norris, Elaine and Tommy and I think, Jo Wanda. Tommy is younger than me and I think the others are a little older.

I know that feeling all too well as it has been a year since we lost our brother Wallace Lee Hall.

As I was writing the paragraph of the Davis family, so many thoughts came cascading through my brain. Mom would tell of square dancing with Thurston Davis, as a group would gather at Lloyd and Nora Callahan’s, and sometimes at pie suppers at Mill Branch or other places.

I can just hear Mom describing Thurston. She would get the sweetest smile on her face and then say, “Man, he could pick them up and set them down,” meaning the way he would move his feet dancing.

Mom always said that Thurston Davis was the best dancer she had ever seen, she also said George Troutt was a good dancer.

This was before Mom and Dad ever thought of getting married, and the same with Thurston.

You might say I got the love of dancing from our dear little Mommy, who would walk across the mountain from Big Branch down to Paces Branch, dance half the night and then walk back across that mountain.

I can say I got a little of my mischief from her, too, and the rest from her mother, Betty Barton and more so from my great-grandmother, Nancy Coots.

Friday evening, I went to Coon Hunter’s at Hamilton. My dancing partner Alphine Stacy was there, and all I can say is we danced then danced some more. This is the first time that I have been able to dance, to my heart’s content since my five-way by-pass three months ago.

This was the first time that I had been to the Coon Hunters in a while and I was ready for a night out. The music was good, and Harold Staggs sat in with a group. With Harold on the fiddle all I can say is I knew it was dancing time. Harold has a band, Harold Staggs & Friends of Bluegrass.

Alpine is a good dancer and so much fun to be with. Someone wanted to know if we were sisters. Oh to be that lucky would be such an honor as I don’t have any family here except my own children.

My brother Richie and Wanda Hall stopped by for a little while on their way back to the mountains as they spent the weekend with their daughter Crystal and their family just out of Hamilton.

I haven’t talked to my brother Jerry and Mattie Hall for a while.

Hello to my sister Loretta Church and everyone.

Gwen Huff Farmer isn’t able to catch her breath long enough for us to have a conversation as she is still harvesting her garden.

Please remember Shirley Wells’s brother-in-law in prayer as he is very ill. I hope he is resting as comfortably as possible.

As quick as it cools down a little, I am heading back to visit Doyle and Betty Ison to sit on their beautiful deck and enjoy the serene scenery.

The only thing I don’t care about is, where I live, I am on a very busy road. I wish I lived on a mountain somewhere so I couldn’t see traffic or anything but space.

I have been called weird before simply because of my love for people, and yet not wanting neighbors. Hey, I dearly love my children but I don’t want to live with them nor close to them.

As you see I don’t have a lot of news this week. I guess I better get this on the way and get busy.

Until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, email: Bluegrassmama4@aol.com, telephone: 513- 367-4682.

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