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Changing our direction

To the Editor:

As we leave another adventure by our leadership of extending our power of influence into another country with the end result something to be desired, are we to rest on our failures and now review our next adventure into another country to extend our power of brute force with the usual limited success and the end result the loss of more of our young soldiers and increasing our national debt along with the deficit financing our economic system to the extent we are on a treadmill to disaster?

Along with the greedy American buying American public, everybody cannot be professionals. The working class people of the great country are slowly selfdestructing. Millions are out of work with no future prospects. What happened to the leadership of this country whose primary job is protect the American way of life that was built on the labors of the working people of this great country.

It appears the only answer lies with the American buying public and the leadership of this country to review the details of a failed system and to take the necessary steps to change our direction. Or we are on the decline, the same path as other great societies of the past.

A review of our whole economic system is desired and should be mandated by the American public along with the necessary adjustments by the American buying public if we are to survive as a free society.

Dayton, Ohio

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