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Charlene Tacket Mason marks birthday

Letcher Schools Superintendent Denise Yonts (left) and School Board Chairman William Smith present a high school diploma Daniel Brock, a coal miner who returned to school to earn his diploma at age 24.

Letcher Schools Superintendent Denise Yonts (left) and School Board Chairman William Smith present a high school diploma Daniel Brock, a coal miner who returned to school to earn his diploma at age 24.

We have good news concerning little Laney Webb’s bone marrow transplant. It did take place Monday, and now her mom Michelle and all her family are asking everyone to just pray that God’s will is for the transplant to graph to her body.

Her aunt Maranda Webb is our No Limits Fitness KY instructor. She told me the other day that this has changed her whole family’s outlook on life. They take nothing whatsoever for granted anymore. Please, if she isn’t on your church’s prayer list already have them add her and the rest of her family.

Now that school is out for the summer I plan on getting Mom to go with me to the recreation center, maybe on Wednesdays and Thursdays. I told her that Friday and she made an awful face, one of the worst you ever saw. It isn’t the “being there” she doesn’t like, it’s the getting ready and getting there part. She would just rather stay home than have to go anywhere at all. She does walk around a little bit at home, but it’s nothing like the kind of exercise she would be getting if she would go with me to the rec center.

Charlene Tacket Mason (right) with Drew Eden Hampton

Charlene Tacket Mason (right) with Drew Eden Hampton

Speaking of the rec center, there’s one person that walks every morning she can, Irene Banks. Irene is the wife of Billy K. Banks and she told me last week he isn’t doing any good at all and that’s why she hasn’t been able to walk. He came down with pneumonia and they thought he wasn’t going to make it, but he pulled through and is now back home. He is still very weak and needs our prayers continually.

Our Letcher County Senior

Citizens have been enjoying all the pretty weather last week. They were able to take the corn hole game out to the back porch at the rec center and get in some good games. They even took card tables out there and had some Rook games going. A few people who didn’t play just enjoyed watching the ones that did.

June birthdays for the seniors are Stephen Ted Adams on the first, Ricky Fleming on the third, Stoney Lucas on the eighth, Lelah Dixon on the 10th, Carmen Brock on the 24th, and Hiram Collins on the 28th.

Jenny Lynn Craft Yonts, Virginia Webb Craft, and Suzanne Craft Ramsey

Jenny Lynn Craft Yonts, Virginia Webb Craft, and Suzanne Craft Ramsey

One of my sister-in-laws, Jenny Lynn Yonts, also had a birthday this past week, on May 27. Jenny Lynn is one of the most caring, considerate people I know. She was a wonderful caregiver to her grandfather, Sam Webb. Later I watched her patience with her mom, Virginia Craft, then again with her dad, Cecil Craft. She is one of a kind and we love her.

There’s also a birthday I want to talk about on the third. It’s my sister, Charlene Tacket Mason. She was born in 1955. I tell you that instead of telling you how old she is because she wouldn’t want me to tell you that. Our family has no idea what we would do without her. She is our “queen of everything.”

Let me tell you a little story about how she got that title. About seven or eight years ago, my sister Delores and I took Mommy to have a stress test at MCHC. Delores doesn’t hear very well at all so she doesn’t go in with Mommy because it would be useless. Instead, she sat out in the waiting area and, of course, found some people to talk to. I left my purse and phone with her and went in with Mom.

Well, I had the ringer on my phone set to play “Amazing Grace” as the ringtone. Charlene was at work and called to try to find out what was happening with Mom, Delores was very involved in conversation with the people in the waiting room and faintly heard the ringtone music. She even asked the people she was talking to if they could hear that pretty music. They did hear it, too, but never thought to see where it was coming from.

Later, Delores said they play music like that when somebody has a baby and she bet that was what it was. Finally, one person noticed the music was coming from my purse and Delores figured it must have been my phone. She tried to answer it but didn’t really know how, but she did manage to talk to Charlene enough to know Charlene was upset and was wanting to know what was going on with Mommy.

Delores told her we were still “back there” and hadn’t seen the doctor yet. She then puts my phone back down into my purse without hanging up from Charlene and starts talking to the others again. She tells them, “Aww, that was just my older sister, Charlene. She thinks she’s the queen of everything.”

Charlene could hear every word she said and started screaming over the phone to try to make Delores realize she hasn’t hung the phone up. I don’t know if she ever heard Charlene or not. Later, somebody brought my phone to me and said, “You need to call your sister, Charlene, and let her know what’s going on with your mom.”

So, needless to say, Charlene is our “queen of everything” and she’s proud of it.

I love seeing all the graduation pictures on Facebook. It’s amazing how fast these kids have grown up. A lot of them I had in classes and have kept up with through the years. My granddaughter Drew Eden Hampton graduated from Fleming-Neon Middle School Monday night and I was so proud of her. She did not want to participate in the ceremony, but I was glad she did. Her biological paternal grandmother, Lois Profitt, was there and it meant so much to her to see Drew go through the ceremony.

Speaking of graduations, I meant to put this in the paper right after it was posted but I completely forgot about it. Daniel Brock posted this on Facebook and I asked Wendy if it would be okay to put it in the paper. One of the pictures this week is of Daniel receiving his diploma. Wendy posted this: “This young man came to us wanting to complete his credits and earn his diploma after being out of school for a while. I’m so proud of his initiative and desire to accomplish his goa. Congratulations, Daniel Brock! His story reminds us that it’s never too late to achieve your dreams!”

Daniel posted this: “Want to give out a special thanks to Wendy Madden- Rutherford for working with me on getting my HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA! I’m 24 and never thought I’d ever get the chance to make up for my first mistake in life but now I have something I can show my babies and push them to never give up! Was not expecting the graduation party or I would have had a better appearance.”

In closing, please remember to pray for all those who have lost loved ones, and especially for our pastor Bill Jones and his wife Sandy and all their family. I think I told you last week that trial has now been postponed until January 2020.

As Oma Hatton would write at the end of every column, try to be in church Sunday morning. And I add if your church has services Sunday night or throughout the week, God wants you there then, too.

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