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Charles and Faye Banks have Ohio visitors


We are still having nice weather. Not many coming or going, as I have said before. I would also like to say they are truly missed. They visited more often when their parents were living.

Several attended church at Little Cowan this past Sunday.

We seem to be having a good season so far.

Our niece, Thelma Grace, her son and her husband, Glennon B., have been spending the week on Cowan and his homeplace on Kingdom Come. She talked like they had been pretty busy. They both come from large families with many happy memories of the past. I taught Glennon B. when I taught school at Kingdom Come. He was a very nice boy, and smart also. They gave their children a good education. It’s always good to see them. The people on Kingdom Come were good to send their children to school and support their teachers.

Ramona Finchum, her son Forrester and daughter Callie all visited her parents, Bennett and Linda Combs, last weekend. Callie is staying with her grandparents this week. Last Friday they drove over Pine Mountain and went to ECCO. The scenery is so pretty.

Hello to Armenta Ison Jenkins of Dallas, Tex.

Charles and Faye Banks have had visitors, her stepdaughter Linda Stepp, with her son and daughter, Dwayne and Dreama, came from Columbus, Oh. It had been about 20 years since they had seen each other. They had a wonderful visit, and hope that it won’t be that long before they see each other again.

Bert H. and Zelma Banks traveled with Bob and Jewel Day to Fairborn, Oh., to take part in Ercel and Sylvia Sturgill’s 50th wedding anniversary celebration on July 4. There were 52 kinfolk and friends present. Ercel and Sylvia’s children and others had prepared an abundance of good food and a large, beautifully decorated cake.

Linda Lucas spent the month of June in Advance, N.C., with her daughter, Beth, and Keith Callahan, Katie and Kenzie.

She enjoyed visiting with her friends and neighbors there. She also experienced a weather phenomenon called a ‘micro burst,’ which hit the house, causing some damage. Linda loves adventure, and this time she got it.

They all spent a week in Myrtle Beach, S.C., where Mackenzie participated in the KAR National Dance Competition. Mackenzie won a national championship for a duet dance in the age group 13-14 for group dance. As on Elite, Mackenzie was honored to dance the opening number of the big show at the close of the event.

Katelyn Callahan, daughter of Keith and Beth Callahan, granddaughter of Linda and the late Don Lucas, graduated from the Davie County High School in Advance, N.C., on June 5. The rain fell all day but stopped at the start of the graduation ceremony, and didn’t start again until the graduates marched off of the field.

Katelyn was lucky enough to attend Cowan Elementary School in the fourth grade. She has remained friends with the children in her class through the years.

Mason Lucas, son of Jonathan and Melinda Lucas of Kingsport, and Linda Lucas of Cowan, is doing great. They all thank God for Mason’s recovery.

Memorial Day visitors at Elsie Banks’s home were: Joe and Barb and G. S. Halcomb; J. T. and Sherry Caudill and son; Don and Freida Runyon and Don’s son; Elsie Caudill and Carl Bennett Banks, and the next day, Suzie and Kim Burns of Louisville, and Clifford Johnson. It was good to see them all, and we had a nice day.

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