Whitesburg KY

Charles and Pearl Noble to celebrate 50th anniversary


Our winter season is going by fast. So far there has been no big snow or really bad weather. We may be going to have an early spring.

Several attended church at Little Cowan on Sunday. We also missed several who were absent.

Not many people are going or coming this time of year. I don’t have much news this week. Some people are getting ready for spring cleaning.

Jonathon, Melinda and Aiden Lucas visited with Don and Linda Lucas. Aiden will soon have a little brother.

J.T. and Carol Caudill visited Robert and Sherry Brown in Jonesboro, Tenn., and did some baby-sitting with their grandsons.

Stephen Brown visited with his mother, Virginia Brown, and Randy and Jason. They oversaw the work of the gas company and the birthing of a calf.

Charles and Pearl Noble’s children surprised them with a 50th wedding anniversary party at the Sandlick Fire Department. A large group of fam- ily and friends enjoyed the occasion with much sharing of memories, love, happiness, and at times hilarity. The evening ended with great singing by Master’s Harmony.

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