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Mostly clear

Check out 1480 AM Radio

To the Editor:

Quite accidently I stumbled onto 1480 AM Radio, and all day long I listed to the music from the days when I was in high school at Fleming High.

I let the top down and just cruised around, wondering what was going on. Later on, I met G.C. Kincer (I cannot help calling him ‘Junior’ as we did back then). He explained that the old WNKY call letters had been taken, but he might be able to retrieve them. He asked what I thought, and I said I’d dump my XM-Sirius if he could increase his power enough to reach Norris, Charleston and Telluride.

I gather that it’s a hobby for G. C., since there’s no advertising. Constant bombardment of silly commercials is why I’ve about quit watching TV.

The 6:30 news is about all I watch anymore, and it contains about 12 minutes of programming and 18 minutes of commercials.

I’ve tried paging between NBC, ABC and CBS, but they try to get all their commercials in the same time slot to force you to watch them. That’s what the ‘mute’ button is for.

I’m a grumpy old curmudgeon and I don’t need anyone to tell me what to wear, drive, drink or buy. I get my daily dose of weather reports from the computer, so as to plan my week.

Jimmy Bentley visited me this week. He was my best friend in high school and we shared a locker. I hadn’t seen him in 25 years. I had been on the Internet trying to get his address or phone number just last week.

Talk about déjà vu! Fortunate also that I was here, because I live elsewhere most of the time.

I wish G.C. the best of luck with his station, because the music is somehow diff erent from ‘oldies’ stations. It seems as if I’m picking out the music myself.

My daughter helped me put all of my cassettes, 8-tracks, 45s, 33-1/3s and CDs on an Ipod. She worried about my driving while distracted.

I have about 1,700 songs on my Ipod now, and safely stored on my computer, and a hard drive in my safe deposit box.

When I’m out of range of AM 1480, I’m tripping across the country, groovin’ on the Doobie Brothers or Grateful Dead.


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