Whitesburg KY

Checks for water payments stolen from new office

About 100 customers of the Letcher County Water and Sewer District have been asked by the water district to issue a stop payment on recent checks and issue a new check to the water district.

Tiff any Collins, clerk with the water district, said 96 checks received on Jan. 29 were stolen from the front office located in the old health department building, which the water and sewer district shares with the sheriff ’s department.

“I think someone reached through the window and took a stack of checks,” said Collins.

Collins said she had entered the payment information into a computer system and was preparing to take the checks and have them deposited at a bank.

She was able to print out a list of the customers who were affected and mailed each of them a letter explaining what happened. Collins said both Community Trust Bank and Whitaker Bank have agreed to not charge any stop payment fees.

Collins said the mishap will not affect customer services and most customers have been understanding.

Collins said the water and sewer board will discuss this incident at the board meeting on Feb. 18.

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