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Cheesy beer dip with hot pretzels

Soft pretzels with hot cheddar cheese beer dip. This dish is from a recipe by Katie Workman. (Sarah Crowder via AP)

Soft pretzels with hot cheddar cheese beer dip. This dish is from a recipe by Katie Workman. (Sarah Crowder via AP)

It is easy enough to put out bag after bag of chips during a Sunday football-watching party, or any other gathering for that matter. And it’s not much harder to go the extra step and put those chips into an actual bowl … you know, if you’re feeling classy.

But how about making a 15-minute snack that will have the crowds calling your name from the stands (or, in all likelihood, from the couch)?

A hot pretzel served up with a creamy, cheesy dip is the kind of food you would be thrilled to happen on and buy at a stadium. But you can easily find these soft pretzels in the frozen aisle of your supermarket, and they heat up quickly in the oven. While you are heating the oven and baking the pretzels (which take less than 5 minutes!), you can stir together a quick cheese-and-beer dip for dunking. And while you are stirring you can imagine the expressions of happiness that will greet you when you plunk down this platter of hot pretzel goodness.

If you have a big crowd and want to make a larger batch of pretzels, double the dip recipe and keep it warm in a slow cooker. It can also be gently reheated over low heat in a saucepan if it starts to thicken up too much.

Start to finish: 15 minutes
Serves 12
2 (13-ounce) boxes of frozen
hot soft pretzels, 12 pretzels in all

3 tablespoons unsalted
3 tablespoons all-purpose flour
3/4 cup milk, preferably
¾ cup good beer
2 teaspoons brown mustard Sriracha or other hot
sauce to taste
4 ounces cream cheese,
cut into pieces
2 cups shredded sharp
Coarse or kosher salt
and freshly ground pepper
to taste

Prepare the pretzels according to package directions. Meanwhile, in a saucepan over medium heat,
melt the butter. Add the
flour and cook, whisking
constantly, for 2 minutes.
Slowly whisk in the milk
and beer, then increase the
heat to medium-high and
bring the mixture to a simmer.

Add the mustard and
Sriracha and cook, whisking occasionally, until the
mixture begins to thicken,
3 to 5 minutes.
Whisk in the cream
cheese until it’s melted,
then add the cheddar
cheese in several batches,
whisking until each batch
has melted before adding
the next. Serve hot, with
hot pretzels.

Nutrition information
per serving: 364 calories;
131 calories from fat; 15 g
fat (8 g saturated; 0 g trans
fats); 36 mg cholesterol; 551
mg sodium; 47 g carbohydrate; 1 g fiber; 1 g sugar; 10
g protein.

Katie Workman has
written two cookbooks
focused on easy, family friendly cooking, “Dinner
Solved!” and “The Mom
100 Cookbook.” She blogs

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