Whitesburg KY

Chestnut Festival held May 15

The Chestnut Festival was May 15. It was pretty nice with all the musicians playing and singing, with four bands and a woman soloist singing Christian songs.

The founder of the festival, Mr. Cornett from Georgetown, and his friend came for a few hours, ate dinner, then had to leave.

They have a few of the original chestnuts living so far. I hope they can get them started again. They made good wood, and also the nuts were good food.

My mom used to go hunt chestnuts when she was very young. They loved to go out and gather them to have for Christmas time.

It was a good day to be out, but we didn’t have a big crowd for a change. We usually have a big crowd, but it just didn’t happen. I think everything has slowed down because of the economy. Hard times have come knocking on our doors, like the song says in “My Old Kentucky Home”.

We really appreciate all the ones who did come. They seemed to enjoy it very much.

Several of my dear friends were at the Chestnut Festival, David Cornett of Cumberland and his brother Sonny and Kay, and their young friend.

I had a visitor recently. He stayed and talked with me for a long time, Joey Ison, a son of Quentin and Emma Ison. He and his brother John have the county store close by. He wanted to get my sisterin law’s phone number for his sister Ines, who lives in Indiana.


Jewell Ann Morgan and Ines went to KCHS together and Ines had heard that Jewell was having health problems and wants to call her. Jewell Ann isn’t doing well at all. We pray that she will heal and be well again. She is so precious and we love her so dearly.

Her sister Lonnie Mae Combs went to visit her for a while, then came by and stopped at the festival for a while. She is my sister-inlaw also. She used to stay a lot with me when Claude and I were first married. Sue is like a real sister.

The first supper I cooked when we got our first home, Lonnie came and ate with us. I cooked pinto beans with ham hocks and had fried potatoes and cornbread and peach cobbler. We ate out in the yard on a small table. It was a good day for us. Lonnie and I used to love to cook and learn new recipes. She is a good cook now.

We had pinto beans, kraut and wieners, boiled corn, cornbread and crackling bread and peach cobbler for the festival. Another lady sold food to raise money to help get her husband help to the doctor. He is very sick and has to ride in a wheelchair.

My son Randy has a pretty garden. He has worked hard all spring and it is so nice. We’ll have fresh peas pretty soon, and the potatoes are looking good, the cabbage and tomatoes and onions, too. The beans are looking good.

My snowball bushes are real pretty, and the peonies and rose bush are starting to bloom.

We’ve been seeing wild turkey and deer a lot lately. They are so petty.

I’m missing my granddaughter Rachel. She left last Wednesday to go back to Georgia, and will be leaving for South Africa for four weeks, then back to get prepared to be married on July 11. She came over and stayed all day last Tuesday and helped me plant flowers and set out a new rosebush. I sure enjoyed her.

I don’t have a lot to write about this week, but maybe next time I’ll have more.

As I close, just remember to pray for Jewell Ann and all the sick and hurting, and pray for our country and all our service people and that peace will come soon for everyone. With all my love.

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