Whitesburg KY

Chief falls ill; man arrested

One police officer was hospitalized with breathing difficulty after breathing some type of fumes during an assault investigation.

Whitesburg Police Chief Tyrone Fields spent one night in Whitesburg ARH Hospital for respiratory distress. Clark Victor Brock, 32, of Low Gap Rd. at Isom, is now wanted for assault and for a burglary he is believed to have committed after being released from jail.

Fields said his health issue began after searching a house for people during an assault investigation.

“Immediately after I left, I started feeling awful, and then Saturday, when I woke up, I felt like I’d been hit by a truck,” he said. Fields said he blacked out that day, and By SAM ADAMS remembered nothing about his trip to the hospital.

The problems began after Fields responded to a 9-1-1 call from a woman saying she had been beaten, stabbed and raped in a house on Alcoa Drive at Ermine. Fields said officers had been called to the scene earlier, but no one answered the door when they arrived, and they left without making contact. After the second call, Fields and another officer responded and forced entry into the house.

“We found the woman. Her and her man were upstairs in the bed, but she had been beat plumb to death,” Fields said.

He said Brock did not appear to have any blood on him, but officers arrested him for first-degree criminal trespass while the case was under investigation, and got medical attention for the woman.

“We put him in jail that night, but he got out on Sunday, and he broke into Dockey Frazier’s Farm House Store,” Fields said.

Fields said the burglar ransacked the store, and stole about $450 dollars in cash and a large quantity of meat. He said Brock threw about half the meat on the ground outside the store, and threw the rest of it on the ground in another place.

Brock had been released on administrative release, which means he did not have to pay bail. Fields said Brock was out of jail before he was out of the hospital.

Fields said he did not think any other officers were affected. He said others were in and out of the house, but he went into rooms others did not, and stayed inside longer.

He said there was no power in the house, and it was strewn with syringes, homemade knives and other debris. He said he found no obvious source of the fumes during the search, but believes something had been done earlier in the day that produced the odor.

“ I know there was a strange smell in the house, but I think I was more concerned with the pitch-black darkness,” he said.

Fields said after talking to the victim, he obtained a warrant against Brock for second-degree assault. Second-degree assault is punishable by five to 10 years in prison. Fields also plans to charge Brock with burglary.

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