Whitesburg KY

Child support scofflaw is behind over $48,000

A Whitesburg man was arrested last week for allegedly owing more than $48,000 in child support.

Tori Carter, 39, of 98 Morris Road, was arrested on an indictment warrant obtained by the Child Support Enforcement Division of the Letcher County Attorney’s office in June 2016. According to the Child Support office, Carter had not been arrested before because he apparently went to Alabama after he was indicted.

Letcher County Sheriff Mickey Stines said Carter was arrested March 6 after a tipster called the sheriff ’s office after seeing him go in the main entrance of the hospital. Carter, who Stines said owed more than $35,000 in child support at the time the warrant was obtained, owed $48,135 at the time of his arrest.

While that is a large number, it’s far from the largest amount owed by so-called deadbeat dads in Letcher County.

“I’ve got one that owes over $100,000 and we indicted one not long ago that owed over $60,000,” said Monica Adams with Child Support Enforcement. “We’ve got several beating that amount.”

The total number of people who are delinquent in child support was not available, but there are 876 who are not currently making payments, and seven cases awaiting presentation to the grand jury, Adams said.

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